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  • How the government could decrease poverty without spending a cent
    Posted: Thursday 19 July 2012
  • Page 5 of nz herald, july 14th, 2012 had a badly worded article.
    Posted: Sunday 15 July 2012
  • We should not ban a Burqa and we should not compel it's use.
    Posted: Friday 18 May 2012
  • It's time NZ started quantitative easing.
    Posted: Sunday 18 March 2012 , 1 Comments
  • Guilty or not?
    Posted: Tuesday 6 March 2012
  • Everyone should get name suppression
    Posted: Friday 16 December 2011
  • I won't have anything to say tomorrow, but seriously I don't know how any one can physically disable comments on forums/blogs for 1 day without completely shutting down a website?
    Posted: Friday 25 November 2011
  • Some tips on voting strategy
    Posted: Monday 21 November 2011
  • Superannuation is one of the most significant costs of government expenditure, and raising the entitlement age seems a relatively simple way of balancing the books. Is Labours proposal a good idea?
    Posted: Sunday 6 November 2011
  • Decriminalization of Marijuana
    Is it time to Decriminalization Marijuana?
    Posted: Thursday 6 October 2011 , 1 Comments
  • No, but we should consider alternative ways to encourage more consumption of local seasonal produce.
    Posted: Saturday 3 September 2011 , 1 Comments
  • Glad to hear that most people are against crown asset sales. As a business owner i dont think the first thing i do is find a way to sell assets...
    Posted: Friday 5 August 2011
  • Absolutely not! They used the she did it/he did it defense, and the family remained silent. If the murder charge was impossible to win, then the "necessities of life" approach comes next. The parents/family should be charged as a group. No one should profit and no one should publish a book until the justice system has completed this process.
    Posted: Monday 4 July 2011
  • I am a business owner, and I don't want ACC privatized. In fact, i don't know many employers nor employees who do? So why is the government in such a rush to privatize ACC?
    Posted: Tuesday 7 June 2011 , 1 Comments
  • What many media commentators have failed to point out is that Kiwisaver now produces income for the government, not expense.
    Posted: Sunday 29 May 2011
  • I am definitely in favour of reviewing the current legal aid entitlement.
    Posted: Monday 2 May 2011
  • If we take the example of a common 50/50 arrangement, learn how unfair the formula can be. And what other options could there be.
    Posted: Thursday 15 July 2010 , 2 Comments
  • This is touted as being unfair on the poor, but it really is better for everyone. Learn why here
    Posted: Wednesday 24 February 2010 , 2 Comments
  • Should we remove GST on food?
    No, here's why.
    Posted: Wednesday 24 February 2010 , 3 Comments
  • This alternative taxation strategy could simplify taxation and welfare, decreasing administration, while providing a fair distribution of basic income and costs throughout our society.
    Posted: Wednesday 24 February 2010 , 1 Comments
  • What can be possibly gained by not having better minimum standards for our food production?
    Posted: Tuesday 23 February 2010 , 1 Comments

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