Which political party should i vote for?

Who should i vote for?


  • increased tax rates on higher incomes
  • more social services


  • moderate tax policies
  • colalition with left or right
  • policies targeting interest groups


  • flatter tax bands
  • less social services


a center left party, representing workers and poorer families for the most part. Has lost alot of popularity since Helen Clarke left. Lost popularlity has mainly benefited the greens. Pro mining for jobs. 

Maori Party

Primary competitor to the labour party for the Maori seats.  


The larger center right party mainly representing farmers, higher earners and business owners. Fairly centerist policies. Pro mininig for the economic benefits.


Left wing party primarily focusing on environmental rights, healthy homes, students, and unemployed rights. Has increased proportiona representation over recent years mainly at a cost to Labour. A likely Labour coallition partner, but not always. Against mining. 

NZ First

Centerist conservative party, fairly conservative policies representing retirees mainly. On the left here only because there was some space... lol... 


Right wing party representing higher income earners and minimising government intervention. Likely coallition partner. May not get enough votes to get into parliament this year. 

The Opportunities Party

A centerist party


Sort of like a new winston peters with a young fella driving it with lots of cash. Targeting conservative and christian oriented vote. 


Disclaimer:  Trying to be independent here....  

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