Welcome to the Department of Personal Opinions

New Zealand politics starts here.

This independent politics website enables New Zealanders to have cast their vote on political issues and general beliefs eg:

Click on the vote link at left, where you can register a voting profile and then vote on as many or as few topics as you wish. If you provide a username and password, then you can keep coming back to vote on new issues and change your mind on old answers.

The general public perception is then expressed as a red dot next to each statement. The closer it is to the left or right, indicates how strongly society agree or disagree with the statement. You too can have your vote, and the general public perception will change immediately to reflect your view.

Once you have voted on a topic, you can also add your reasons to the forums so that you might convince other people to share your opinion.

Every voter profile is 100% private. You never need to enter any personal details. We do however, collect your demographic information , eg age, sex, nationality, wealth etc, as it is interesting to see how peoples' votes change across these demographic factors. Please do not create any more than 1 profile. 1 person equals 1 vote, no more. We have special algorithms that will validate voter profiles, and exclude suspected duplicate entries.

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