Voting Strategy

Some tips on voting strategy

Under MMP, if a party does not get 5% of the vote, then they won't get into parliament (unless they also get an electorate seat). If you don't think your party is going to get in, nor get an electorate seat, then your vote will be wasted. It will also likely help the party with the largest vote gain more share. 

You should typically vote for the party you want in parliament, but when it comes to electorate seats, you should focus on who is the best candidate. Where you have 2 good candidates, you should consider voting for the one who needs the vote the most, e.g. who is lowest on the party list. But where they are equivalent, you should vote for the one who is likely to win the most votes, as you don't want to split the votes and cause an undesireable MP to be elected. 

Posted: Monday 21 November 2011


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