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1) Immigrants to NZ should be required to learn English

2) NZ should preference immigrants from countries with similar cultural backgrounds

3) The current points system is a good selection criteria for immigration

4) A lottery is a better system for immigration as it ensures an equal cross section of society.

5) NZ needs targeted immigration as we will soon have many retirees and not enough workers.

6) A young educated immigrant has a positive effect for the economy

7) NZ should slow down immigration

8) Immigration has an upward effect on house prices

9) Immigration is good for the economy

10) NZ is a multicultural society

11) NZ needs to maintain a close relationship with it's Pacific Island neighbours

12) Pakeha New Zealanders should remember their past as immigrants from Europe.

13) All residents of Aotearoa should remember their immigrant past

14) A desirable target for the permanent population of New Zealand should be more than the current 4 million

15) All immigrants should be required to learn some maori on arrival

16) Chinese and other internationals should be able to buy NZ farms

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