NZ is a multicultural society?

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NZ is a multicultural society

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Reasons To Disagree

We dis maori and disagree about them but want japs hindus etc get real

No, it used to be - now the number of immigrants means they can stay in their groups without mixing in with us.

Multiculturalism is a grossly over-rated feature. Look at UK - it's an explosive mixture looking for a spark to ignite it.

It seems to be becoming more multi-cultural, but remains (in most legislation etc) mostly bi-cultural

trying to be but not working well as in other countries . BUT WE NEVER LEARN .

NZ is a lovely place and most people are friendly, but still cannot say it is a multicultural society as still some local people with narrow minded could not respect other cultures well........

It's a work in progress. 85% of Whanganui residents couldn't understand why Maori want their language respected. How culturally sensitive is that? Most of our broadcasters can't pronounce Maori place names. Many Maori can barely bring themselves to look me, a Pakeha, in the eye. We have a long way to go.

multicultural should mean that all cultures amalgamate into one culture. not imported cultures forced over the existing culture as hapens in NZ

NZ is more racist compare to Australia

Festivals may be multicultural but NZ is not. There are no laws based on the Koran; no school holidays based on heroes from other places...unless we count Queen Elizabeth and her (wrong time of year) birthday....


Reasons To Agree

It may be a multicultural society, but should it be?

There still isnt a typical "Kiwi" everyone is different in some way.

its is but why? we dont need so many imagrants,theres more imagrants then there is New Zealanders

NZ is a multicultural society as is basically proven by the one person who chose to remain neutral. Judging from these comments, people seem to have a really bad attitude toward multiculturalism.

why should we be outnumbered by too many immigrants

For now, but at this rate soon i think everyone will be Sikh.

NZ has and always will be a multicultural society. We are a land of immigrants, even the Maori came here on canoes a thousand years ago. No humans originated here, and all of us immigrated to this nation, coming from somewhere else.

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Auckland is multicultural and cosmopolitain with an ethnic breakdown of 55% European, 20% Asian/Other 15% Pacific and 15% Maori. The rest of NZ is bicultural with Euro/Maori making 90% of population at least

This isn't a question of opinion; it's a demographic.

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