Chinese and other internationals should be able to buy NZ farms?

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Chinese and other internationals should be able to buy NZ farms

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Reasons To Disagree

Sorry. I don't care what race they are. Non-resident land purchasers push up land price. It's basic economics. We have a low value currency compared to the buyers so we get priced out. It's got to stop. It could kill our agricultural industry. Farmers with no kids probably love the idea becaude they get more return on their land when they sell it, but those who can see a generation ahead think differently.

10 October 2010

Should never sell national assetts to forign interests

30 April 2011

Fuck off back to asia

11 June 2012

No its crazy. Why do you want to sell land to overseas people... Nz live from agriculture and farming. Its a mandatory that overseas people should not be able to buy them.

16 October 2012

You do realise that we are not allowed to buy land in China, so why should we let them taint our precious, virginal land. Putting that aside, people really underestimate the power of land. Land is everything. Once it is sold for good money, your never going to get it back.

19 January 2013

What is of concern is the size of the land purchases. Rather than ban foreign ownership it may be better to limited the size of individual holdings (both resident and foreign) and the total percentage in overseas ownership - complex but has many positive underlying rationale.

13 May 2013

I believe the future lies in sustainable caring community's yes we do need to work with all peaple around the world, but we DON'T need CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION!!!!! Its Juggernaut banking cartels trying to by the whole bloody world!!! there greed driven parasites!!!

2 July 2013

only the greedy want this .it is about 13 billion dollars shared out with 100,000 people in the dairy industry while the rest of us have our manufacturing jobs destroyed by countries using slave and prison labour ... get real the states is rearming its manufactures and placing trade barriers on china, they will go broke in china and back to communism as it ia all that will work there in the masses

17 September 2013

Give kiwis the opportunity to farm their own land. Not many are able to afford to any more.

22 April 2014

Problem is, Chinese are the biggest buyers and the one who make the economy grow well because they have enough money to do that. But at the same time, they are invading too much land. What we need is someone with some money to buy the farm as an investment.

17 August 2014

Lease only like every other country!

12 September 2014

You can only cut the sheep's throat once..

3 February 2015

Definitely not!! Then they will choose what they will grow and the money goes back to their country and they employ their people!! Why are we doing this ? Are we desperate

10 March 2015

There is a far greater chance that they will run the farms to the ground extract major profits and not put anything back into the farm for its sustainability.

11 August 2015

I do not think our government can control overseas land owners in a safe manor.

8 November 2016


Reasons To Agree

Why New Zealanders are so afraid with the Chinese? NZ still able to set up rules and regulations to control their farm. Be open-minded, otherwise NZ will be stuck and won;t go anywhere. Shameful though, many elderly NZ just want the way it is, they do not want this country developed.

11 August 2012

Strongly agree, providing there are restrictions and proper protocols are put in place and are strictly adhered to. The income bracket for potential overseas investors and/or buyers should be raised.

10 December 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Agree, with restrictions.

2 December 2012

there are good and bad points put dose it really matter cause everything 6 feet down is the queens land. but its new zealand land and should stay in nz hands so if they want to buy it they can go through the legal path and get citizenship like every one else plus who ever wrote fuck off to Asia can fuck off into a grave

30 January 2013

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