The separate Maori electoral role and seats should be abolished?

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The separate Maori electoral role and seats should be abolished

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Reasons To Disagree

The Maori people are the tangata whenua of this land, it's original inhabitants and kaitiaki of it's resources. The only way to guarantee that this unique and inextinguishable right is recognised and represented in Parliament is to protect the Maori electoral seats.

25 November 2005

I suppose if I was in your shoe I would be trying to oppress them too. But out of RESPECT for the tangata whenua (indigenous people of this country)that's their right to maintain or take it away, not for the ordinary NZer

28 November 2005

"If Maori want Maori in Paliament, they can giver their vote to the Maori Party" The statistics of that is just ridiculous. The population of Maori these days is far less than any other culture in this country. If it were left up to our small vote alone we would barely get a voice at all. Wouldnt that be nice for all your 'middle' NZ'ers.

29 November 2005

what other voice do maori have? whe should take pride in the fact we have treated maori marginally better than aboriginies and native americans etc were

15 February 2006

MMP, a proportional electoral system, exists. Maori votes are therefore no longer needed.

20 April 2006

I Maori had their own separate parliament then I would want to get rid of that but promoting their unique voice as part of the Parliament of New Zealand has got to be good. When no Maori enroll on the Maori roll then we won't need the seats anymore.

20 April 2006

Perhaps we should abolish the non-maori seats insatead.

10 February 2007

We made a pact to look after Maori when we settled here. Statistically they are a minority in numbers and because of this we must allow them a proportion of the seats in parliament. The moment we stop recognising Maori as important and crucial to our nation's identity, is the moment when we see other countries taking over. The cultural identity of this nation will be conquered forever. It's not just about Maori - it's about New Zealand.

22 June 2007

Its sad but true - we need a special party to represent the minority though we SHOULD be equal, its a white system of government and it would others=wise be harder to get the miority races up there and voicing their opinions.

22 November 2007

The treaty talks of self governance and this is how it happens.

12 January 2008

Having a seperate party to represent Maori isn't ideal, but at this point in time I think it is necessary. The party doesn't so much represent Maori as a race but more as a culture and a community.

2 July 2009

Eventually this may occur by consensus, but at the moment the Maori seats should remain until people agree that they are no longer needed to ensure representation

3 July 2009

They need to be maintained as long as sufficient Maori want them. Under FPP they disadvantaged Maori by concentrating their largely Labour votes into 4 electorates which led to minority National governments. MMP has given those Maori who so choose a right which only Maori should abolish. If National and Labour feel threatened they have the option of a grand coalition. Might lead to some sensible policies for a change.

10 October 2010

NZ has ans agreement with the Maori people. Unless you want to say all written agreements are worthless then NZ must live with the agreements of their predecessors.

2 December 2012

I absolutely disagree with the abolishment of Maori seats. Minority groups often get denied access to the basic human right of equality. There NEEDS to be representation in governments for minority groups, and NZ is the country which must give consideration to Maori-as a minority group indigenous to this country. Representation of minority groups has wide reaching social benefits for all New Zealanders.

1 August 2015


Reasons To Agree

No race should have their own special place in government, we should all have an equal place in society, and the maori population should not recieve special rights and privalages, as this is a form of reverse racism. It also develops conflict between Maori and Pakeha which can be observed every time the treaty and foreshore are bought up.

8 November 2005

With the implementation of MMP and the existence of a Maori party, having special seats for Maori is completely unneccessary - if Maori want Maori in parliament, they can give their vote to the Maori party.

24 November 2005

Maori and Part Maori New Zealanders are over represented in Parliament. Maori and part Maori took the first step to become "of age" by forming the Maori party. The second step is to abolish separate seats. part of Polynesia,as such we are all Polynesian.By all means identify with a ethnicity, and retain cultures. not a melting pot,it is a mosaic of nationalities ,and should ensure no-one is seen a diferrent or special.

27 February 2006

Are Maori so weak as a race that they require special laws and priviliges for fear they may blow away in the wind? I hardly think so. Maori seats promote seperatism, not a good way to move a country forward as a unit.

25 March 2006

No over-privileged representation should flourish in a democracy.

1 August 2006

Anything that fosters the division the people of a country is not desirable.

5 August 2006

MMP now sees 21 Maori MPs, the purpose for which the 4 seats were created in 1867, now no longer appears to be warranted. If a Maori offers my family and I a better vision for this nation than the shambles its in now, I will vote for them.

20 August 2006

One can think of no valid reason for one sector having special favours.

16 March 2007

We need more buttons on the agree side

21 June 2007

y should they get special seats if people want them in they can vote them in

1 May 2008

Maori electoral seats help the Maori, indeed they do; in much the same way that pro-business parties help business, and indeed, the pro-trade union parties help the trade unions. Do I need to make the negative nature of those points clearer?

7 June 2008

yes, because under MMP maori should be competing for the maori vote and getting the percentage of seats their voters want them to have. The maori seats distort MMP, which is why the original Commission of Inquiry argued they should be removed.

13 September 2008

There should be no distinction between maori and european NZ citizens, one person = one vote.

4 November 2008

Maori do not need special treatment

10 June 2009

Damn straight we are all equal. Its actually racsist.

2 July 2009

Racism has no place in gummint!

1 September 2009

I dont like maoris, they are rude and disrespectful. Why give them any preference against the hard working 'pakeha' of this country??

30 June 2010

ONE VOTE, ONE ROLL, ONE NATION, why be seperatised!!!!!!!!!!?

4 July 2010

At least ACT aren't PREJUDICE like National!

7 July 2010

How can their ever be ONE NATION when there's TWO ROLLS. The Maori party would possible get 17 mps in parliment to help resolve the TREATY of WAITANGI, IF there was ONE ROLL. But 'I guess pakehas', aren't aloud to tactically VOTE for them, PITY! Why do they like to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing TWO ROLLS when it's their choice, isn't IT? Parliment or democracy IS about COMPROMISE, I'm surprised that the MAORI PARTY allow for this PREJUDICE. Having TWO ROLLS IS PREDUCING DEMOCRACY and burning the Maori parties ambitions, I thought the Maori party were formed to resolve TREATY GRIEVENCES, not to HELP NATIONAL PREJUDUCE DEMOCRACY? Mind you MMP is the JOKE!

11 October 2010

I am part Maori and was on the Maori role until I realised that depending on the number on the role determines the number of Maori seats. To me this is racist. It shouldn't be about the colour of your skin, but about whether or not you can do the job. My grandmother was full blooded Maori, and it use to annoy her how a lot of Maoris felt that society owed them when they were just to lazy to get off their behinds. She as I do, believe that we are 1 Nation, 1 People.

25 September 2011

Institutional racism should be abolished

27 August 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

A bold move on such a sensitive topic requires a high degree of consensus that clearly does not currently exist. In the meantime the number of Maori seats should be reduced so that the average number of constituents per Maori seat is the same (or as close as possible) as for the general electorate seats.

2 August 2006

I don't want to get lost in my own CONCEITS but HOW can it be legal two have TWO ROLLS when NZs always been ONE NATION. What has Two Rolls got to do with seperate seats, why are they tied together? Why does the govt allow such ransomes or preduces when it's mean't to be RESPONSIBLE for any preduces yet PRODUCES PREDUCES!? The Maori party have seperate electrates which seem divisive but aren't necessary under MMP so thats a MOOT point. But MMP IS an excuse on legs for the parlimentary GANG anyway used to produce SEPERATISM 'I gather', 'what does the govt CARE? But I guess they 'like it, like that'? holding democracy to RANSOM for what REASON? Everythings your fault when you're in POWER especially RANSOMS that put you in a little BOX which is far worse than SNOBBING Direct Democracies SMACKING BILLS referendum (madness gone wrong) in my mind! The govt can't blame democracy for any hypocracy when having TWO ROLLS is worse than an excuse on legs or MMP. And potentially this stops the TWO Maori parties from 12 MMPs + 7 possible FFPs. Having ONE ROLL would obviously kill beaurocratic parties like the Greens and NZ First but descent is always a political delemma at someone elses gain. Because MMP is partly FFP makes National and Labour a divisive VOTE and I won't PICK SIDES. I would of VOTED for a Maori party but TWO ROLLS is too DIVISIVE, so I voted ACT and now I'll stay put. The Maori roll is SEPERATISM at it's worst and it penalises all Kiwis. How or Why can Maori vote on either roll when they are Kiwis TOO, hows that EQUALITY, why do Maori expect to be treated equally when they get to chose to vote between Labour/Nat or either Maori party. Are all other Kiwis ARTHER or MARTHA or is MMP an EXCUSE on LEGS for a reason. If their was ONE ROLL in NZ politics, NZ politics wouldn't be a racist or a facist DELEMMA contest and I would of VOTED for a Maori party but refuse too because TWO ROLLS is DIVISIVE and breeds extreme policies and preduces BAD REPORTS or politics!!!

2 May 2011

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