All immigrants should be required to learn some maori on arrival?

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All immigrants should be required to learn some maori on arrival

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Reasons To Disagree

This i disagree with, the Maori language is not used in public as a majority. why learn a language you dont need? Most Maori who speak the Maori language also know how to speak english so whats the point?

9 November 2005

Contrary to belief, New Zealand only has two OFFICIAL national languages, Maori and Sign Language for the Deaf. If we are to agree that immigrants should be required to be able to converse in one of these perhaps English would be the "dead language". To consider Maori a dead language requires huge arrogance and small mindedness. My opinion: immigrants should not have any language forced upon them, they have to live with the cultural barrier, not you; and if an employer wishes to give them a job in which they have to converse with the general public, and they are unable to, blame the employer. We have no right to tell people what language to speak.

1 June 2006

Like Latin, the Maori language has no real significance - both are history. Immigrants need to have a working knowledge of, and an ambition to become proficient with, our (and the world's) leading language - English.

20 September 2006

It is rediculus to have a language forced upon someone, especially when only a minority uses the language.

18 March 2007

Compulsion is not they only need to know Maori not even English?

13 June 2007

why ????

20 May 2008

Only a small pinch of people in the country speak Maori, maybe when I learn to speak Maori i'll expect others to

29 June 2009

I feel all imigrants should learn more about our laws rules and regulations.

7 August 2011


19 July 2012

If you went to Australia, should they learn Aboriginese language? Come on Maori, you again racism, but please do not be too fanatical & nationalistic about your own culture. Be normal and respect other culture too!

11 August 2012

Its ridiculous. People have freedom. If they are interested they will learn by themselves.

16 October 2012

no, just have it in the schools, its nice

10 March 2015


Reasons To Agree

More so, they should learn about the Treaty, after all they are visitors to this country.

20 November 2005

Learning a little about Maori Language and culture would help new immigrants understand the public debate. And understand Shortland St! I've been struck by how much more Maori is on television as part of colloquial English than there was when I left NZ for my OE 6 years ago.

30 January 2006

and if they fail sent back

20 March 2006

We want more people to know Maori words because it is part of our national identity and something that differentiates us from other countries. The more Maori words that enter into common usage in New Zealand, the more distinctive and interesting our culture will be.

20 April 2006

If they've got to learn English, they've got to learn some Maori. Either they're both official languages, or they're not.

20 April 2006

make it attractive people will learne with great joy why not

17 May 2006

And our children.

10 October 2010

This is a Bi-cultural country, the Maori language is part of New Zealand and it is who we are as New Zealanders!!

16 August 2012

It wouldn't hurt. Maori IS an official language.

2 December 2012

Should know Maori and Maori history as part of a 21 question on New Zealand culture.

14 October 2013

I know maori is a dead language. I do not think it is neccesary to learn any maori to function in new zealand. But Maori culture and New zealand culture are one in the same. Learning about maori language and culture could help counter some of the problems presented by ignorant immigrants who come across rude, obnoxious and exclusivist.

8 November 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

New Zealand has three offical languages: Maori English Sign Language for the deaf New immigrants should only be required to be conversant in ONE of them.

19 September 2005

Maori is a dead language spoken rarely by a few local remnants of maori tribes. It has a place in history, as do all languages, but it has not survived the test of time. Consign it to the history books where it belongs

24 April 2006

They should be able to speak English FIRST. Maori is only 'compulsory' at school. Your average garden variety Kiwi is learning as much as they need through osmosis, TV and attending the odd school assembly (where happily, I learned the National Anthem in Maori) It should be a natural process and not forced.

28 August 2006

The Treaty of Waitangi should be a compulsory course for anyone moving to New Zealand. If they want to move here, they should know some basic knowledge surrounding the document our nation was settled with. As for Maori as a language, immigrants will pick up the token word if they live here long enough and unless the language is more widely used, it shouldn't be mandatory.

22 June 2007

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