A desirable target for the permanent population of New Zealand should be more than the current 4 million ?

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A desirable target for the permanent population of New Zealand should be more than the current 4 million

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Reasons To Disagree

NZ is already overcrowded. The infrastructure of immigrant magnets like Auckland are already massively overloaded. Traffic gridlock. Electricity. Water. All natural and City resources, all overloaded and causing us Kiwis untold strife. NZ is already too full. We were happiest and wealthiest when we had a population of two and a half to three million.

23 February 2006

The desirability of NZ is the lack of people here, not more.

24 April 2006

I disagree at the moment because the government seems to want to boost the numbers with people who need work done on them to bring them up to speed or who fundamentally don't want to take an active part in western society and will become a problem in the future, as is happening now in Britain. New Zealand is not wealthy enough for free lunches.

28 August 2006

The number is completely immaterial - all we want is a homogenous mix of happy, intelligent people.

20 September 2006

A bigger population increases the risk of over-using our resources, further deforestation and development of our natural areas, greater carbon emmissions and therefore global warming, more cars on the road etc

16 November 2006

Why ,for more to go on the dole ? ...If all the babies aborted in this country were here who would need all these people to make up the numbers ?

10 May 2007

SPACE - you won't appreciate it if it's gone.

22 June 2007

Why more NZ used to be a great place. Even though we have big open spaces all this land actualy belongs to someone. Our presant infrastructure is strugling with our current population.

7 August 2011

Nonsense. It is very small !! The population is too small for a country !

11 August 2012

What makes us happy? Beaches, space, virgin land, clean water, family, a car, a house.. Why do we need more people to achieve the above? Our infrastructure is fine. I can call my mum. I can drive the length of the country. We already have enough petty little dramas with 4 million of us. More people = more clash of preference. More diversity also = more clash of preference.

8 January 2013

A Balanced Dynamic Equilibrium is the only way for a sustainable future, we cant just keep growing for ever the world is only so big????? It is through population growth that Corporate greed flourish. We all need to make sacrifices and focus on Sustainable COMMUNITY'S rather than Capitilisation and Profitering!!!

2 July 2013


Reasons To Agree

New Zealand ould easily benefit from more people. Since our birth rate is now below replacement without immigration we will dissapear. also we are a nation of imigrants, Maori, and Every other Kiwi is an immigrant. Such increase would make us develop our infrastructure and build a better NZ. Why is all our development in Auckland ? Mostly due to reaching critical mass. Other cities like Tauranga, Hamilton and Area's like Palmerston North could benefit from skilled migrants. Auckland problems are aucklands alone. The rest of NZ needs more population to allow it to develop.

19 June 2006

Too much of the country is un-inhabited and we need more people to boost the economy.

18 March 2007

According to the latest stats from STATSNZ NZ will reach 5 million in 2025 and 6 million in 2045 or 2050. If immigration continues but yes if you want the economy to grow then you must bring more people here or have more people, births have been increasing over a few years but this must be sustained above replacement level of 2.1 children per woman

14 January 2008

economy needs people, NZ is still a well undeveloped country even it said to be developed.... even compare with many third world countries, NZ is still way back........ we need more population to get economy going well.......

20 May 2008

But not too much more.

13 May 2013

We should aim to increase the population to 21 million with this spread around 144 across the country, all new arrivals should pay a development fee of about $50000 and would not be eligible for Government Assisted Income - they should take there own welfare-retirement cover, pay towards a percentage of income on education, an extra 15% tax on income to offset any job losses.

14 October 2013

depends, needs to be more economically viable for NZ people. Stop too many Asians

10 March 2015

New zealand has room to grow, but the current housing crisis shows we have not developed the required infrastructure for this yet.

8 November 2016

Our country is still small, and if you've noticed, all the best countries out there are the ones with the most citizens, and the only way of getting NZ to a high point is by getting a bigger population.

21 May 2017

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think it's hard to respond to a blunt statement. Yes it would be good to have a greater population to draw on, but we want that population to be healthy, educated, and productive, for the working life at least. It does depend where ther growth comes!

30 January 2006

We need to remain at a level that we are self sustainable. This will need a lot of study but self sustainability in case of major overseas catastrophies should be our goal.

11 August 2015

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