Capitalism is democratic?

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Capitalism is democratic

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Reasons To Disagree

Capitalism is not very democratic because only the owners of industry may make decisions about the running of their company, and thus a large chunk of the economy is controlled by only a few who own it. However, democracy also offers the freedom to accumulate personal wealth. A good democratic government should balance the rights of people to accumulate personal wealth, with the rights of consumers and workers to receive quality products and a fair wage. The best forms of capitalism come from democratic government regulation.

30 August 2005

when you have huge companies funding republicans how can it be considered democratic

15 February 2006

Capitalism is only democratic to the extent that consumer choice is available. And the logical final outcome of open competition is monopoly, as we have in the supply of basic foods.

12 October 2007

Those who have the most capital have the most say - that's not democracyt

18 December 2007

Interesting that they talk of communism in the previous question and capatalism as the other extreme. Again capatalism like communism is imposing the will of a few onto the whole so it is not democratic. Go socialism!!

12 January 2008

Capitalism is not democratic, because it is not a political system. In fact, capitalism does not require democracy, because all decisions made in such an economy rests between the willing buyers and sellers, not the majority.

7 June 2008

Capitalism is the system which allows individuals to prosper according to their abilities. It can only work in a free society.

1 September 2009

Capitalism has nothing to do with a governmental system; anybody who thinks so just has no idea what capitalism is.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

Every New Zealander should have the right to keep the money they earn, if NZ was communist, and everyone was earning as much as the next person no matter what their job, why would a top line lawyer want to be paid the same amount as that of a roadside worker? it just would not work.

8 November 2005

The Democrats also recieve money from big corporations. The person who wrote this website is not a supporter of capitalism.

22 June 2006

In so far as it allows freedom of choice it is more democratic than communism.

28 October 2007

Capitalism is merely the concept of "reward for effort". Pure capitalism, is therefore, the best form of governance - however, we all succumb to the many vices of human nature, such as greed, envy, and lethargy and deceit.. so capitalism needs to be enhanced by the security of Law, in order to offer a truer version of democracy.

27 December 2007

Yes... and humans breathe air...

4 November 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Similar to my view on communism: As capitalism is an economic system, rather than a political form of governance, this question actually tests that understanding. Theoretically, there is no reason why a capitalist system cannot be democratic. Conversely, a capitalist system can be autocratic or authoritarian.

30 August 2005

The question is meaningless. "Capitalism" is an economic system not a political one and thus it is not clear how it can be "democratic or not."

23 March 2006

I think capitalism works best in a democracy, which doesnt mean it is democratic.

25 March 2006

It seems capitalism functions best under a democratic process - they appear to be mutually supportive - one will not thrive if the other is suppressed. I don't think you can confuse the two ideals - they are not the same thing.

1 August 2006

Without an equitable economic model, there will never be a true democracy.

20 August 2006

It should be. But it has a tendency not to be because of laissez faire policies. Capitalism with adequate regulation and with protection against immoral political lobbying should be good for all. Capitalists who understand capitalism realise that if they wish to make a profit, the wealth must be trickled down and recycled. i.e. It's in the bosses' best interests to pay the workers well. Unfortunately, too many don't get it.

10 October 2010

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