All residents of Aotearoa should remember their immigrant past?

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All residents of Aotearoa should remember their immigrant past

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Reasons To Disagree

Where's aotearoa? Who cares about tribes? Be who you are - remember what you value - forget what you'd rather put in the past.

20 September 2006


10 October 2010

Only if your imigrant past fits our society. I have a great dislike of imigrants that complain about NZ and NZers. If you dont like NZ dont try and make it the same as were you came from. Change or go back home

7 August 2011

New zealand is a beautiful country as it is, with more immigrant family's taking over business and housing this will change. our country will not be the new zealand everyone wants to immigrate to. it will become another country to immigrate away from.

8 November 2016


Reasons To Agree

Yeah, as with the previous question - we are ALL immigrants, or shortly descended from immigrants. Nobody can claim a LONG history of being kiwis... except perhaps the kiwis, tuis and tuataras

13 August 2005

but who was here first

20 March 2006

Especially the Maori people, who arrived here in geological terms half a second before the Europeans. Just lucky, eh?

28 August 2006

but get on with life and contibute to our country instead of wanting more and more of the tax payers money .

10 May 2007

Stupid question. Yes, remember, but don't think one culture have preference over any others.

2 December 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

We should all decide to do one thing, either be segregated or decide not to be segregated. If we decide to be a segregated country than lets remember our immigrant past. If we decide not to be, then lets just forget the whole past issue and concentrate on building NZ as a country today.

24 April 2006

All residents of New Zealand are not immigrants.

19 July 2012

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