Immigration is good for the economy?

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Immigration is good for the economy

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Reasons To Disagree

Yes and No. As blahzah as this sounds. Once you let one in the entire family arrives.

29 November 2005

they are taking over helping bring in harsh drugs and when questioned about there wrong doings act dumb, also take them out of our prisons send them back to there own country and theres more bed spaces

20 March 2006

I've yet to see evidence of it in my daily life - my friends can't afford to buy a home near their parents because big extended families of immigrants can, once not-flash-but-at-least tidy neighbourhoods are becoming run-down looking, celebrating Xmas at school is a no-no, local community amentities that were held together by goodwill and volunteers are disappearing because the volunteers are being priced out and everything is more expensive. You hear of hand-outs for immigrants but the benefit to us? Our immigrant forebears were left at the wharf with a cheery wave from the captain they paid to bring them to NZ, and that's it. They got stuck in and worked hard and must have done something right, because the world and its mother now wants to live here. I'm not in business, so I'm missing the numbers and theories that say immigration is good for the economy. If I was being cynical, I would say that Helen Clark is after Kofi Annan's job and is increasing immigration to make herself look good - hang the consequences further down the line.

28 August 2006

Only true if they are economically productive and/or self-supporting. NOTE: It's interesting that the ONE AND ONLY "reason to agree" is actually somewhat restrictive - if not downright anti!

17 October 2006

not if they go straight onto the dole and stay there AND commit crimes . In that instance they should be sent back where they came from .

10 May 2007

got to save at least 60% of nz land for kiwis

30 October 2008

unfortunaly a lot of imigrants arive for the free ride and a many send there earnings / welfare back to there country of origin. i suspect these ones outway the hard working ones

7 August 2011

NZ doesn't need more people. It's a false economic scheme to think it does.

2 December 2012

Whoever left the last comment is EXACTLY right. From an engineering point of view, New Zealand does not need more people to increase the net gain of happiness per person. Who is going to help toughen up these immigration laws? We need to be like aussy and USA and Canada. Who's in?

8 January 2013

Whether the effect is positive or negative is dependent on many factors which may change. Cultural enrichment which does not come with negative human rights outcomes is good, resulting growth is also good where the growth type is sustainable. Given current immigration trends and the types of growth prevalent then on balance immigration is midly bad.

13 May 2013

What - all the extended families of one "worthwhile" immigrant - pooling resources to buy their family home, relying on our healthcare, infrastructure, social framework .. how much does that cost us vs their productivity?

22 April 2014

No not good at all its all about the government money making dumb plan we don't need any off them here at all

14 September 2016


Reasons To Agree

Provided the person immigrating does not immediately arrive in the country, go on a benefit and get provided with a state house all at the tax payers cost.

28 September 2005

Obviously more people in New Zealand, the economy will boost up. More people, more investors, more economy fuel, property price go up and everything blossom.

11 August 2012

it needs to be far more scrutinized

10 March 2015

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This highlights a question of how the economy is defined! An oil spillage off the coast of California added to GDP there, when the cost of clean-up was taken into account!

30 January 2006

Yes. but I still want to keep our population where it is. Don't forget there are a million of us living overseas who could decide to come back when the s**t hits the fan. Which it will.

10 October 2010

all economies need some immigration

8 November 2016

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