Immigration has an upward effect on house prices?

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Immigration has an upward effect on house prices

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Reasons To Disagree

most bussiness imigrant effect that matter

17 May 2006

We need imigrants as we are losing skilled labor to pay for high education fee's and higher rates of pay. NZ's population is stagnant so how can immigration effect house prices. Foreign investment and the low NZ dollar and vendor over priced greed is what drives NZ's real estate market upward. Watch it spiral down due to the U.S markets and rising of interest rates and then tell me if this is so.

23 September 2008

Probably not right now. Too many people buggering off.

10 October 2010


Reasons To Agree

Naturally, the more demand for houses, the higher the prices, although overseas investment in our property is probably a bigger factor than migration currently

13 August 2005


27 August 2005

they are also getting housing nz houses shouldnt we look after our own first

20 March 2006

Perhaps - so what?

20 September 2006

This is a real problem but not admittd by the government, other parties (or reserve bank economists) - possibly due to the risk of being branded 'racist'. I dont see 'we' have any moral obligation to provide a western/kiwi lifestle to potentially millions of increasingly wealthy Asians - at our cost.

8 March 2007

We need immigrants as NZ is an isolated low-paying country with a small economy. This means for eg: doctors can earn higher salaries overseas and that country has the population and infrastrucure to support this. However, with the influx of Asians, Indians who don't have the same living standards as nZ they have tended to pay top prices for houses the average Kiwi would pay alot less for. Having been to many auctions and baulked at the prices these immigrants will pay for delapidated homes I have seen first hand what they have done to house prices. For people in their 20's and 30's who still rent it is a nightmare to pay $400,000 to $500,000 for an average 3 bedroom home in a low crime rate area.

17 July 2009

Where demand exceeds supply, as in Aucland 2013, the additions to that demand will lead to an increase in price irrespective of the type of demand increase - therefore question is of little worth.

13 May 2013

all immigrants are out purchasing NZers

10 March 2015

At the moment i earn 60k a year i will be 65 by the time i can buy a house, no male in my family has lived that long. With immigrant families buying housing and raising the average price of a home this effect will increase. More people will see there is no point in hard work to earn a home, then all the hard workers are removed from the workforce. So you will seek to import more immigrant workers to bolster the work force exagerating the problem. This question is flawed as it addresses the current housing crisis and immigration.

8 November 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

No, population increases have an upward effect on house prices. Immigration does not ALWAYS mean the population is increasing.

20 April 2006

it works both ways all imigrants are not the same. some come to workfor a better life and some for the free ride

7 August 2011

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