NZ should slow down immigration?

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NZ should slow down immigration

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Reasons To Disagree

Diversity is a wonderful thing.

14 November 2005

To grow the economy you need more immigrants I say double the current in take. This will probably fuel inflation but rubblish talk about immigrants stealing jobs is definately untrue with an unemployment rate of 3.5% employers are screaming for more workers. More immigrants with the right skills esp more nurse, doctors and teachers will greatly benefit the economy and it means it can grow at 5%+

14 January 2008


Reasons To Agree

As the oil crisis deepens, population density will increasingly become costly. We need to limit immigration for the sake of the country and the environment

13 August 2005

Sometimes i take a walk down courtney place and wonder whether im still in NZ, this is quite overwhelming. Also with the population growing there are less and less job oportunities available. For a New Zealander seeking a job this can be quite frustrating having to compete with immigrants from another country.

9 November 2005

There is only so much our small country can take in terms of our natural resources and the land mass in which population takes a toll on. Slow down !!

29 November 2005

You've only to look at UK to see the dangers in unbridled immigration.

17 October 2006

Immigrants from around the world are taking over our peoples jobs. Pujabs are taking over our dairies. Asians are taking over our fish 'n' chip shops and pretty soon the intelligence of the americans will take over our politics. And look how George Bush led America into war with Iraq. New Zealand is a fine place how it is, we are a pretty safe country. But if we don't slow down on taking immigrants we could end up just like America but worse of. Slow down on the immigrants would you.

7 November 2006

we'r not that big

14 November 2006

This is a very interesting question indeed. I would like to start from some comparisons, e.g. the size of our country vs. how many hundreds of millions people from disparate cultural backgrounds wishing to come here. Can we really cater for all their requests. Secondly, native new zealanders would become minority and alien cultures, e.g. Chinese, Indian, would dominate. When you wonder on the street, you cannot understand half of the conversations going on simply they're all in alien languages. Chinese would become the most commonly used language and compulsory at schools. More than half of our MPs are from South East Asia and our country would have built a solid relationship with China let's say, even Chinese government is just treating their people like pigs with no human rights..Com'on you know how Chinese society runs...The result is our country is gradually taken over (by Chinese government)..Such a list can go on forever....Please ask yourself 'are you ready for those to happen'? A living example is UK now suffers from such social and cultural conflicts at somewhat level, which is out of their control at times. Oh I need to clarify that I am NOT against migrants at all as I am an immigrant from China. I am just being objective and unbiased on this issue. You like Chocolate Mud cake? I think you do . So did I. However I had too much for quite a few months and now I cannot even stand thinking of it. What I wanna say is that 'NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE. MODERATION AND PHASED-IN IS THE KEY'. I would have stayed in China if I really liked sophisticated dark Asian society... I am not saying all native English speakers should be allowed in as quality control is essential at all times. I just wonder whether NZ and you are already ready to embrace a totally different society dominated by an alien culture yet. We should focus on how to retain native Kiwis who can contribute to our nation most as it is their home and they know it well enough. Currently we're suffering from very high attrition rate for native new zealanders. The immigration policy currently in place has been abused, misused and overused by Labour under which governance many indigenous elites have drained away.

13 June 2007

asians and indians are taking over! watch out

31 January 2008

save at least 60% of land for 4 5 generating kiwis

30 October 2008

We will need all our resources to feed the world. Keep the population at its current level. I don't wish to live in an ant heap. If you want crowds go and live in Europe.

10 October 2010

There are TOO MANY Chinese

13 June 2011

Way to man asians here no offence but youve all ready wrecked your country poluted it over populated it over fished it dont come to nz to do tha same halt all imagration to nz

11 June 2012

There are too many idiots that think economic growth is a good thing for New Zealand. What we need is: 1) Cap population 2) Add value to exports such as lamb, dairy and wool by focusing on our clean, non polluted image (which is worth Billions). More people= more strain on resources+loss of image+pollution Less people = very little detrimental effects at all New Zealand is special due to our lack of people.

8 January 2013

we should be giving new zealanders an incentive to have more babies.

18 August 2014

Immigrants (mostly Asians) are making their lives better by making our lives worse. Stop them coming in and it will solve most of our problems eg house prices and Auckland traffic issues

4 June 2016

It needs to slow down we are only so big they will try taking over they think they all ready own the world well I hope the government and everyone no s if there's ever a big war kuwi born NZS will come before asains and people not born here why are they buying owl land and homes that's for my kids and family not them it's time the nz government gets its head out off the sand whIle it can before you no it there be more asain in nz then real NZS it sucks I all ready see the way things are going super markets packed roads to busy no car parks etc the list gos on

14 September 2016

At least heavily limit Asian immigration

12 October 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

yes and no. No more non-english speaking immigrants. The government should be reasonable.

18 March 2007

I do not agree that diversity is required, as it usually has a fractious result, especially when there is little integration and lack of a UNIFYING language, such as English. New Zealand should be assertively moving forward to get MORE people into this nation: those who are educated and of a similar and compatible culture. There is no danger of over-population, on the contrary, once you're outside of Auckland or the CBD of Wellington and Christchurch, it's ridiculously sparse.

19 July 2012

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