The current points system is a good selection criteria for immigration?

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The current points system is a good selection criteria for immigration

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Reasons To Disagree

It is no where near strict enough when it comes to communication skills and it ignores many imported health problems.

23 February 2006

immigrants should only be aloud to visit new zealand not live here

20 March 2006

It doesnt target the needs of the country

24 April 2006

Under current circumstances the points system could be used as a pre-requisite for a much more penetrating examination of the prospect of a would-be immigrant being a potential asset.

20 September 2006

Point system is not bad itself but is being abused by Labour government. They are so desperate to keep up our population(note: many elites have drained away to Austrlia and UK due to the total failure of the Labour government) as much that they bring in all kinds of people regardless whether they can fit in our country or not. The threshold has stayed at the lowest 100 forever which clearly shows their despair.

13 June 2007

From the immigrant population i have seen, it would seem the point system is not functioning.

8 November 2016


Reasons To Agree

I'd tend to agree, as it's clear and it's relatively objective. That said, a lot of NZ born New Zealanders wouldn't make the grade! There are a lot of people who might fit in culturally quite well who don't get through either. A test based on attitudes might be interesting, but there isn't consensus in NZ about what makes a New Zealander.

30 January 2006

I think it is a good system. It allows for a range of criteria to be taken into account and can be fine tuned overtime in order to reflect to environment of the times.

2 August 2006

It's not bad. Better than your misuse of the word 'criteria'. One criterion amongst many criteria. :)

10 October 2010

Its not really good to a certain extent. If refugees are easily accepted. How about people that have jobs, even though not skilled or as high as directors or chartered accountants. Its still better than accepting people that will only want benefit by becoming nz residents. Also, I noticed many people go back to their own country after getting residency. It needs to be reviewed. Having a minimum staying period every few years like australia is good.

16 October 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

possibly .iam not awear and do not know it but seems it is better than othere place and function much better humanity and resonable

17 May 2006

Keep a point system based upon skills and education and similar or compatible culture -- but increase the numbers to allow for more people to get into the country; immigrants will strengthen the nation if they are from reinforcing cultures, have English language skills, and (very important) do not intend to bring over their whole extended family who have no employment prospects.

19 July 2012

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