I earn enough money to live comfortably?

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I earn enough money to live comfortably

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I could do with more

10 May 2007

Educated people just dont get paid enough if this country Im currently studying a bachelors in management studies and when Im finished im moving to australia there are so much more opportuinities for educated people

21 August 2008

NZ is expensive to live in and offers little in the way of professional jobs

30 June 2010

Most people are working below the minimum wage, and that is not a good sign if people are not able to afford first homes.

17 August 2014

Debatable lol I get $288 a week , I have rent , bills , food , gas etc that needs to be paid .

27 March 2016

Majority of NZ is old Huntly brick houses that are deprived and overgrown with uncut lawns and old gardens left to overgrow from the 1980s

21 May 2017


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Reasons for Remain Neutral

What's "comfortable"? I'm reasonably comfortable but have some financial worries.

7 November 2006

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