The current IRD formula for child support payments needs to be changed?

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The current IRD formula for child support payments needs to be changed

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The cureent child support scheme is outdated and unfair!!!!!

26 January 2011

The rate for estranged parents is correct. The rate for shared custody is not. A working parent who provides equal shared care should not have to subsidize the other parent who chooses not to work.

12 September 2011

50% care parents should not be targetted so heavily for child support when the other parent earns less. The other parent has SOME responsible for there position in life! The living allowance is not fair and does not take REAL living cost into account.

12 March 2012

Before my wife left me, we had $500 a week disposable income. Now I have $230 and have the kids every second week. Why is half my income gone when it was she that left and I find out she will have around $300 disposable income on the benefit! The system is so grossly unfair for a single income earner post breakup!

7 August 2012

It is not the government's place to decide how individuals interact

27 August 2012

The formula is wrong and encourages non custodial parents to try and fraudulently increase their living expenses or reduce their incomes - my ex used to shack up with women who had children so his living costs were high, he was self employed so lied about his income yet managed to pay an exorbitantly high mortgage on only $15,000..ridiculous

10 July 2013

Why should someone who works hard have to subsidise an ex-partner's lifestyle through the guise of "child support"? There needs to be an upper limit on how much a child costs to raise, not how much can be extracted from the "non custodial" parent (who probably has care of the child/children at least a quarter of the time and pays for their expenses during this time).

22 April 2014

The non-custodial parent pays child support but the other party does not allow access to child. There should be a law to allow access for paying non-custodial parents. It is also unfair to expect the non-custodial parent to pay child support based on some 'cooked-up' formula rather than actual costs and also not taking into consideration the other party that chooses not to work. Each party should be responsible equally.

4 June 2014

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