High net migration is bad for the environment?

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High net migration is bad for the environment

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Reasons To Disagree

It is not the number of immigrants that might cause serious environmental pollution. Instead, we need functional policies and measures to keep our living environment livable. A clean and green living environment is good to every one and thus is welcome to every one. Don't blame such things on new immigrants. What we need is a good policy. Singapore is a fine city. All bad behaviours will be heavily fined to make Singapore a fine city to live in ! Learn something from our brothers and sisters in Singapore !!

28 November 2005

We can protct our enviroment by insisting on only allowing skilled migrants into the country.A curtailment of unskilled migrants from any country including polynesia is desirable.

14 February 2006

Assume you mean NETT migration !

16 February 2008

Think global - if it is bad for us - it's good for wherever the immigrant comes from. Net effect = 0. This suggests that humans are "bad for the environment" - what do you want to do - kill the lot? Then yourself?

22 December 2009


Reasons To Agree

FACT: NZ's natural population is declining same as most industrialised nations due to effective use of contraceptives. FACT: Population growth is determined by the number of immigrants we receive. So high net immigration will cause the population to grow and has been evident over recent years and high or excessive population is the cause of a number of concerns. For example over demand on electrical supply, urban sprawl, crowded beaches, water shortages, over loaded sewers, pollution, traffic congestion. Population size affects all aspects of our lives here in NZ. I beleive as a nation we need to decide now what the target poulation size should be and limit immigration numbers to slowly reach this target and tehn once there maintain that population size by controlling immigration.

31 August 2005

yer we dont wanna smell curry

19 February 2006

This proposition clearly is about the environment of NZ, rather than of the earth as a whole. Our population is already much too large, in my opinion. Our descendents will be much more prosperous if the population is smaller than it is now - personally I'd aim for about 1 - 2 million.

6 July 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

in which country - the immigrant or emmigrant one?

18 August 2006

This can't really be answered. If the people immigrating grow their own food and take public transport, that's one thing. If they are high consumers, that's another.

10 November 2006

Nonsense question.

10 October 2010

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