Non reuseable or recyclable bottles should be banned?

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Non reuseable or recyclable bottles should be banned

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Reasons To Disagree

This policy whilst arguably desirable, is in practice not practicable. No exporter is likely to agree to special conditions regarding packaging to what is a very small market in an international context.

14 February 2006

IS there such a thing currently as a bottle that is neither reuseable or recyclable? Also see above comment - NZ has to wake up to the fact that we are a very small country with all the limitations that places on us in the world market.

25 May 2006

Although it would be ideal, it isn't (as all others have mention) practical and maybe the answers to recycling lie somewhere else

29 June 2009

Vote with your purse - if you agree - don't buy them! Ban this - ban that - ban the bleeding banners!

22 December 2009


Reasons To Agree

YEs, except where the bottles are used for hazardous materials - they should be kept out of 'public' recycling, but could always be returned to the retialer, and in turn back to the manufacturer who should in turn be responsible for their most appropriate reuse or destruction.

13 August 2005

If there is any, why not, there is alternatives.

11 May 2011

Our world is practically dying and is coming terrifyingly close to things like global warming and ocean-toxification due to our plastic consumption, and in order to stop this we need to be able to recycle everything and anything we can! Even wood should be able to be recycled so that we can stop having to chop down trees (although this matters more in places like the Amazon than in NZ) By reducing this NZ get one step closer to being completely litter free and keeping our country beautiful forever rather than in one hundred years or so when we have millions more people here that we have smog that blocks us from seeing the sky tower or going for swims at the beach.

21 May 2017

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