NZ has good reuse and recycling policies?

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NZ has good reuse and recycling policies

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NZ has sod-all policies in this area that I am aware of. Certainly there is still too little action regarding manufacture and disposal of items that could be / should be recyclable, and far too many single-use items.

13 August 2005

no it has not - its behind the 8 ball on almost everything

27 April 2007

Its pathetic that when you go to the local dump to recycle green waste you have to PAY to do so. In my opinion you should be paid for recycling not the other way round. How are people supposed to be motivated to recycle when it costs mroe to do so?

5 August 2007

I think we could do much more.

22 December 2009

Where I live we only recycle no. 1 and no. 2 plastics. Apparently other countries recycle 30+ types of plastics. Schools and workplaces use huge amounts of paper, yet most do not have recycling schemes. The Government and Councils should step in and help out much more.

26 December 2009

NO NO NO There is so much more that can be done. And its not all about the recycling even if every household do their part, its what happens after its gone to the reuse station. How many of us know what happens to what we recycle. Where i come from it is almost impossible to by paper that has not been recycled.

11 May 2011

They are not good enough

13 June 2011

We need to use biodegradable hemp plastic , not plastics made from crude oil and fossil fuels

14 March 2015

We need to start looking at Holland and Germany to see what they are doing in recycling

11 August 2015


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