NZ is not as clean and green as many think?

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NZ is not as clean and green as many think

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Reasons To Disagree

It still is rather clean and green, I mean lots of places don't even have trees!

1 September 2005


Reasons To Agree

sure, we have trees - we also had a shipment of butter turned down from europe because the level of dioxon contaimination was so high

2 January 2006

We still use extremely toxic chemicals to wipe out pests. Ask some of the locals in smaller townships near chemical plants - they're suffering for it.

23 June 2007

Largely - they believe the propoganda. But so did I before I immigrated - now I realise what a pig's ear we made of things That includes Maori - they brought the first rats, killed off the Moas etc before Euro's brought stoats and so on.

30 September 2007

Reasons for Remain Neutral

If you go out on highways going through the countryside and maybe pull over to a little truck stop to have a quick snooze or a picnic or a stop for your kids to stretch your legs, or a little sightseeing place or swimming spot for a little break, you'll be surprised to see the large amount of rubbish just lying everywhere. Many parts of New Zealand are very beautiful and we are lucky to be living in this part of the world, but little streams or ditches on the side of the road are the most disgusting, littered places in the country and are absolutely everywhere.

21 May 2017

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