New Zealand has a clean green image overseas?

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New Zealand has a clean green image overseas

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Reasons To Disagree

its a myth - but we are a bit cleaner than others

27 April 2007

Clean and green? Tourism is our biggest industry and it's based on a lie! We may be greener than other countries, but using a clean green image to promote tourism is a massive contradiction!! Think about what thousands of flights from one side of the earth all the way to New Zealand is doing to the environment... and buses, taxis, trains, souveniers, manufacture of all of these things as well as their carbon emissions. We're supposed to be supporting sustainable development, the Kyoto agreement... why are we still promoting flights and holidays to people from the other side of the planet?? I think we should focus on advertising the benefits of cleaner transportation like cruises and cycling and make a REAL effort to be clean and green... then we can talk about our image.

26 June 2011


Reasons To Agree

Every country needs to work harder to be clean and green not just for image but for the future. We need to support companies in NZ that are doing there bit to be green.

5 August 2007

Largely - they believe the propoganda. But so did I before I immigrated - now I realise what a pig's ear we made of things. That includes Maori - they brought the first rats, killed off the Moas etc before Euro's brought stoats and so on.

30 September 2007

Unjustified though it may be.

10 October 2010

Yes the image is there, but is so false. It is NOT clean and green. Kiwis are chocking at looking after their assets. This must change.

11 May 2011

I think the image projected is probably better than the reality of the situation

21 July 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Yes and no. I beleve the image of NZ has been clean and green, but I also believe this to be changing - however slowly. Despite having a beautfull country, acres of unspoilt wilderness and less industrial pollution than many overseas countries, NZ still has appallingly high levels of agricultural pollution. Poeple coming to our country are shocked to find that there are rivers you cannot swim in or drink from. No more so than other countries, admittedly, however this does not add to our reputation as a "clean, green" country. The ending of the moratorium on GE development here did not help, either.

25 May 2006

Yes and No. Not that many people really know that much about us we are tiny in relation to the rest of the world.

18 August 2006

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