3 strikes and you're out?

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3 strikes and you're out

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Reasons To Disagree

Far too simplistic a test. The primary test should always be whether a person is safe to be let back into the community.

7 November 2008

Only if this includes white collar crime, crimes by corporations, and crimes made by politicians.

2 December 2012

Depends on the crime. Murders and rapes should be life in prison without exception!

6 September 2013

Disagreeing with this, as the 3 strike policy could range from anything, including the possession of weed for personal use.

15 August 2016

No, 1 strike and you're out!

4 June 2017


Reasons To Agree

for hard crimes, not for petty crime or driving or drugs or white collar

30 October 2008

In some cases yes, for serious violent offendng including manufacturing and distrbuting class A drugs you should be out first time!

1 November 2008

How chances do you really give a person e.g. you read stories of drink drivers on their 8 or 9th offence... we do have to draw the line at some stage.

5 March 2009

Basically a good idea but it has to be applied sensibly - each case on it own merits.

15 March 2009

murders definatley. drugs no.

15 January 2010

Within reason. Judges need discretion within strict limits.

10 October 2010

YES- murders(1 and your out!), drink driving, theft etc NO- speeding and other minor traffic offences

31 October 2010

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