The government should own a telephone network ?

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The government should own a telephone network

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Reasons To Disagree

Gummint has no legitimate place in business.

28 September 2008

Plenty of scope for competition here. Government just needs to encourage competition by making the environment a little less favourable to telecom

4 November 2008

It is not the place of government to run any commercial concern. By owning such they are in effect making us all shareholders in a company open to business risks; they do not have the right to do so. As an aside look how successful Telecom was before it was sold...

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

The lines only, something similar to transpower

9 August 2008

Government should own holes in the ground, the existing coper network and exchanges and should make a decent effort to increase the amount of alternative cables to homes. However, the digital tolls and added services on those lines can easily be provided by competing retail businiesses by sharing space in the exchanges or virtually from data centers. Now would be a good time for the government to acquire those assets as telecom shares are fairly worthless from their near $9 high a few years ago.

3 October 2008

The government should own NZ post, railway, transportation, phone, electricity, water companies to prevent all the money going overseas and prevent them from charging too much.

16 October 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Yes, but if someone else has deep enough pockets to go into competition that's fine.

10 October 2010

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