The government should own the electricity lines network?

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The government should own the electricity lines network

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Reasons To Disagree

Gummint has no legitimate place in business.

28 September 2008

It is not the place of government to run any commercial concern. By owning such they are in effect making us all shareholders in a company open to business risks; they do not have the right to do so.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

Another natural monopoly. Money earnt can be put back into social services. This wouldn't occur if privately owned.

20 August 2008

National's electricity reforms are a disaster. The lines and generating network should never have left government hands

13 September 2008

Natural monopoly. Morrinsville don't want lines across their paddocks. Do we really want 2 or 3 competitor lines as well? Or isn't it easier for the government to just tell Morrinsville to stick it and build the lines anyway, versus a private company facing alot of legal action.

3 October 2008

absolutely. It is key infrastructure and the purpose of business is to maximise profit while minimising expenditure. there has been no incentive for electricity companies to increase capacity despite the recurring shortages due to low water levels in the lakes. Why? because of supply and demand. Electricity in short supply then they can charge more for electricity. Thus increasing profits and reducing expenditure. By Government owning the network, they invest in the infrastructure ensuring adequate supply and keeping pricing reasonable while still returning a profit (return on investment)

4 November 2008

Vital infrastructure with no competition. It's a no-brainer.

10 October 2010

The government should own NZ post, railway, transportation, phone, electricity, water companies to prevent all the money going overseas and prevent them from charging too much.

16 October 2012

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