The government should privatise ACC?

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The government should privatise ACC

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Reasons To Disagree

How many businesses actually want this? Not me. There is nothing for small business nor employees to gain out of privatising or competition with ACC. Dealing with competing insurers in a regulated environment will only mean increased compliance costs and legal issues surrounding responsibility for accidents... It's easier to just pay the annual invoice, and direct all employees to make claims direct to ACC and get on with business.

3 October 2008

A govt. did this before and it was a balls up and cost more to the employers.

21 October 2008

Its one thing that makes this country such a great place to live

2 July 2009

If you have to ask this question then get rid of it without right of reply. Private insurance companies are quite capable of providing accident cover so why add another scheme with a captive market?

15 April 2010

Take a lesson from the United States, which has a largely competitive private medical insurance scheme, with one of the highest per capita expenditures and one of the lowest health outcomes among industrialised nations. In big markets, such as New York City, insurance companies compete vigorously for employer-sponsored health insurance, and even then, the costs are quite high for co-pays and premiums. Outside of major business centres, the story is much more bleak. The cost for health insurance policies are often outside the reach of many Americans. Others who can afford insurance and believe they are covered, often find themselves in major debt because their insurance companies have found a technicality to take them off the rolls. Transitioning New Zealand's system to a privatised scheme will create more losers than winners because a for-profit system introduces perverse incentives (profit as opposed to service), creates spotty coverage and uneven distribution of medical services, and produces diminishing returns on investment.

5 September 2011


Reasons To Agree

Not all ACC should be privatised, but we should have competition in work place insurance. This worked very well under the last National Govt.

9 August 2008

Gummint has no legitimate place in business. It was improving when open to competition

28 September 2008

Privatise it and deregulate so other competitors can give the ACC a run for it's OWN money.

5 March 2009

It is not the place of government to run any commercial concern. By owning such they are in effect making us all shareholders in a company open to business risks; they do not have the right to do so.

27 August 2012

49% should be

14 October 2013

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