The government should own the railways?

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The government should own the railways

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Reasons To Disagree

Gummint has no legitimate place in business. CAn't you remeber the shambolic NZR????

28 September 2008

Once again, it's lovely to have an infrastructure system we can manipulate through the political leaders we choose - but, at whose expense? There's a reason rail failed in NZ: it's competitors were better and cheaper. For our businesses and commuters to be forced to pay for (through taxes) a train system then pay again to actually use it (to make it profitable) just makes a fool out of every tax payer.

5 March 2009

It is not the place of government to run any commercial concern. By owning such they are in effect making us all shareholders in a company open to business risks; they do not have the right to do so.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

The government should own the lines and have a majority shareholding in the operator with the rest of the shares restricted to New Zealanders

9 August 2008

There will only ever be one railway network, unless someone plans to set up a parallel "competing" network. And how stupid would that be?

20 August 2008

As fuel resources diminish rail will become vitally important to this country. It has been badly run down under private ownership. It should never be sold again.

13 September 2008

Definitely the lines, maybe one of the operators on it... No reason why other operators couldn't share it and pay a decent fee for using it... In comparison to road user charges, its hard to see why any private company should be subsidised onto the lines.

3 October 2008

Yes. The tracks should be owned by the state. If they wish to allow private enterprise to run trains, go for it.

10 October 2010

at least 51%

14 October 2013

That should be the answer to all the problems actually with the gap of the rich and poor I think.

17 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

The Governments should at least exercise proper regulation as all capitalism should have a limit for as far as it can go. The present US credit crunch is a sample of one bridge to far!

5 October 2008

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