The government should own a bank like Kiwibank ?

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The government should own a bank like Kiwibank

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Reasons To Disagree

Business should be run by commercial enterprises. If run by government, it will forever baling out the institution. There are rules and regulations for banks to operate and does not matters who owns them.

13 September 2008

Gummint has no legitimate place in business.

28 September 2008

It's a nice thing having a publicly owned bank we can manipulate by the political leaders we choose - but at whose expense? Is everyone so useless that they have no money to commercially vote with that they must instead advocate a government-owned bank that they can influence politically? Sad.

5 March 2009

theyre the last people Id trust with my moneys

2 July 2009

If the government had better control of the banking market as a strategic asset they probably wouldn,t have to.

15 April 2010

we already have a kiwibank do we really need another one?

18 August 2011

It is not the place of government to run any commercial concern. By owning such they are in effect making us all shareholders in a company open to business risks; they do not have the right to do so.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

I beleive Kiwibank should be majority owned by the government with the rest of the shares restricted to New Zealanders

9 August 2008

The Goverment has had to bail out Air New Zealand and BNZ, both of them commercial enterprises with public share holdings and bad managers. If the Government has to bail out Kiwi Bank (and there's no sign of that yet) it will at least be bailing out its own institution

13 September 2008

Yes its a good thing. I think we could go further in mandating that all beneficiaries had their payments go into a fees free kiwibank account, as banks like westpac erode peoples modest incomes quickly with their astronomical fees... It would probably increase the real disposable income of beneficiaries in NZ by about 3%.

3 October 2008


10 October 2010

Nz needs a government own bank. I am sick of giving money to australian banks

16 October 2012

Im not a communist but id rather support my own people and give my money to our own ripoff crocks than feed the supper corporate giants!!!! We can still have a world economy without CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION.....theres MORE to life than just MONEY !!!!

2 July 2013

New Zealand needs to have a bank where they can invest money in and do something useful with it.

17 August 2014

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