People should be free to practise any religion they choose?

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People should be free to practise any religion they choose

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Reasons To Disagree

Everybody who strongly agrees with this is lying to themselves. Do you really think people should be free to practise their fundamentalist beliefs if those encourage killing? No, you don't. You're happy for people to believe in anything AS LONG AS that anything doesn't go against what you believe.

1 September 2005

Some so-called sects of christianity just seem to me to be money-making ventures for the eloquent but otherwise talentless. I would agree to absolute freedom, provided they were all taxed, and heavily.

10 February 2007

islam?? whitepower?? do we realy want people to practise there religion of hate?? people on the agrees side ------> it said ANY religion..... ANY!! not SOME excluding some... it said ANY! well i know I definately dont agree.

15 January 2010

All religion should be abolished

7 March 2011

The Quran should be banned as a hate book.

22 March 2014


Reasons To Agree

PROVIDED: activities are consential and legal (ie no child sacrifices)and do not cause harm

19 September 2005

If you beleive in your religion you shouldn't have to wory about others, everyone should have the right to practise any religion without any trouble, otherwise we don't learn from history

1 November 2006

Only provided that it does not bring them into conflict with other people.

16 March 2007

People should be free to follow their own conscience and understanding with the proviso that their belief causes no harm to others.

16 March 2007

I strongly believe in freedom of choice. However that doesn't invalidate the concepts of right and wrong, justice and injustice. Therefore we as a society are obliged to determine cetain acceptable norms.

28 October 2007

Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion. People should be able to practice what they want as long as it doesnt affect ANYONE else including their kids.

14 January 2008

Freedom of religion is a basic civil right. When it's gone too far is when people start going all fanatical and ramming their views down other ppeople's throats (e.g. certain past and present governments) and when it starts hurting other people (e.g. that sick Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints Cult in the USA that practises polygamy). That's what people should be really fighting against, not people who simply believe that this is how it is.

20 July 2008


23 June 2009

Yes - no matter how misguided they are - BUT ONLY AS LONG AS THEY IMPOSE NO RESTRICTIONS OR OBLIGATIONS ON ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT SHARE THEIR IDEAS. More importantly athists must feel free to point out the stupidity of it all. ALL religions are based on mysticism and blind faith without a shred of evidence to support them.

17 February 2010

I agree they have the right to choose. I dont beleive they are very intelligent though.

11 August 2011

Provided that practice of said religion/faith etc is not illegal under current law.

12 August 2011

...provided... yeah, I think you get the message.

5 November 2011

No one can take away the right to choose your beliefs. Sure I may not agree with you, but that doesnt matter. As long as your belief follows to law (no murders people) you have every right to believe in what you want.

17 December 2011

As long as they don't bother me, or indictrinate their children.

2 December 2012

Ban Islam , except Radical JIHADIST islam

14 March 2015

Reasons for Remain Neutral

As long as they have the choice!!! Religious parents and communities normally deprive their own children of that choice. This is immoral and should in my opinion be outlawed completely. Leave religion for the only people who have real freedom - adults.

1 September 2005

It's difficult to say whether people should actually have the right to choose for others about their religion. After all, children who are brought up in a strict religious household will generally hold that belief. Of course everyone should have a choice about what they believe in but most of the time it isn't the choice that they made, but the choice of their parents and grandparents etc. Unfortunately practicing any religion is a bit difficult because of the prejudice between them. Most people are open minded but some are just ridiculously prejudiced. So yes, you should have a choice and freedom to practice what religion you wish but it should surely be up to you, not what your family has indoctrinated into you.

30 May 2006

As long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone else's rights and it doesn't cause anyone harm.

10 October 2010

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