NZ should ban the importation or farming of all genetically engineered products?

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NZ should ban the importation or farming of all genetically engineered products

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Reasons To Disagree

Its the way of the future. GE allows better fruits and veges to come into NZ and there is very little harm in this. People have a choice what they eat and it would not force them to eat something they didn't feel comfortable with.

4 September 2005

GE is a scary word that greenies use to quieten their children. The rest of the world see only benefits for GE food. Genetics in all forms is the next evolutionary step, we shouldnt be afraid to take it.

24 April 2006

The hysteria over GE plants is due to philosophical not factual evidence. Much of what has been said is simply not true. The public needs to be protected from lies constantly reiterated in the media.

16 March 2007

Only if there is a GENUINE (i.e. that does not include melonhead paranoia!) reason for believing the particular product may be harmful. (NOTE: Some melonhead said that "Nature makes DNA for a reason." What a stupid statement - like a melon -nature has no brain to reason with. Nature is pure chance and survival of the fittest.

22 December 2009


Reasons To Agree

Unfortunately you have made the error of combining two issues, importation and farming, in one sentence. I have no problems with importing GE produce to consume. We still have the CHOICE of not buying it remember. However, I feel strongly that we should not allow the farming of GE foods. Safety has NOT been proven. Also NZ is a very small country. We can not compete with low prices. I believe our future lies in the production of quality goods. Many people prefer to eat non-GE goods. Let NZ provide that niche.

5 September 2005

I believe a strong natural diversity is preferable to single variety farming and am therefore anti the farming question - with importation the option to buy is available to the individual and they can exercise that option as and when they wish.

26 July 2006

Major export markets for produce dont like GE, so why do it??

21 June 2007

I dont know bout banning it but definitely label da shit

1 May 2008

The DNA of GE foods are altered. Nature created original DNA for a reason. When science alters it there must be an impact on the DNA of those who consume it. It's logical. What will be the impact in 10 years. We can already see boys with breasts which is attributed to GE chickens and processed foods. Not all boys with breasts are overweight. So it's not an over indulgence issue. Wheat DNA has been altered dramatically and we now have a significant problem with wheat intolerance. It's already proven that the altered foods we eat now are carcenogenic. How prevalent does cancer have to get before society stands up to the corporate beasts that make money by providing artificial foods. And yes, that means our fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats.

30 November 2009

People have the option of not buying it. I think more focus on educating people rather than a "no you can't because I said so" mentality

21 July 2011

Yes, I don't want to become a mutate human

16 October 2012

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