We should remove GST on food?

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We should remove GST on food

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Really, including KFC, Pizza and McD? What about a $30 healthy salad at a waterfront restaurant. What about caviar? Food makes up a significant portion of all industry turnover. The more expensive food you buy, the more GST you pay... Removing GST would be complicated and costly, and any savings would be eroded by business compliance costs. Family tax rebates, benefit increases and income tax thresholds are much easier and less costly to implement and will address the issue of poor people not being able to afford to buy food.

Not practicle! Expensive food decreases wastage. Increase tax rebates for low income earners.

This is a crackpot idea. If you agree with it you don't understand economics, bureaucracy, taxation or market forces. Phil Goff is a cynical fool.

Wow I can't believe people think that is a good idea. Take a look at any country that has tried something like that. I am too stunned to even point out the hundreds of reasons why it is a really bad idea.

Creating a loophole will only allow the wealthy to find a way to avoid paying GST.

So so wrong, where we would we get any money from for the Government to give to our society? Different for restaurants though. I'm talking about supermarket where most Kiwis shop.


Reasons To Agree

GST should be removed on basic food items but not on luxuary food items

A tax is a tax is a tax! It's 90% theft - it should all be reduced! Better still - combine ALL taxation so that we can see exactly what the gummint steals from us to buy themselves power.

Removing GST off certain foods is a good idea. Basic food items, fruit, vegetables, uncooked meats, milk (not flavoured milk) eggs, butter/marg flour, bread It should be increased on processed products, convenience foods, those with high sugar or salt content (based on recommended daily intake)and those with excessive packaging.

On healthy foods only, to stop fast food addicts, and to promote eating fruit and vegies.

our tax system is unfair to the extreme. GST removes 12.5% of our income. We have a tax on income plus a tax on spending so we are being taxed twice on the same item.Our tax system removes about 65-70% of our income when all elective and non- elective taxes are taken into account -try it on a sample $100.00 figure. remove the income proportion first, then because GST is applied on the expectation of us spending our entire income at some point. remove that 12.5% from the first total. then remove your petrol tax, ACC (it is a tax because it is applied by the tax dept). You should get a figure between 65-68& of your income. even the lower figure is too high.


Removing foods on Vegetables would be great. Easier for farmers and cheaper for health system to save thousands of dollars.

only on whats considered healthy foods, as junk foods are often cheaper due to lower production costs

GST should be removed on basic and healthy food items but remain on luxury or processed items. I have found that system to work well in Australia.

Like everyone else, I solidly agree on healthy foods and staples only. Fast food and luxury goods can have GST, thats fine, but I want to eat healthier more affordably

Remove only on healthy staples & vegegarden items so people can grow their own, moving toward a fitter healthier community.

Just fresh fruit and vegetables. I could cause more competition in the market there for prices could lower when the produce is in season.

GST on food is rubbish! Food is one thing that shouldn't have GST. Its the one thing we live on. Food is already expensive as it is. Remove GST!!

agree that it should be GST free on super foods and anything the health department would allow to be classified as healthy. Never on fast food or energy drinks people need to have some economical benefit. Its obvious that the health benefit of healthy food isn't doing enough for people to choose a better alternative to fast food {it should be enough}.

Mr Key said gst will not go up?????? he also said he would get nz std of living up to Auzzies mmmm well maybe the same gst would be better . no gst on food there.

Remove tax on all healthy food options - fruit , Veges , meat

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