We should remove GST on fresh fruit and vegetables?

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We should remove GST on fresh fruit and vegetables

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Reasons To Disagree

we should not remove gst on imported fruit and vegetables... nor out of season. If you look closer at domestically grown, in season, fruit and vege, you will find it's already very cheap...

8 December 2011

Wow I can't believe people think that is a good idea. Take a look at any country that has tried something like that. I am too stunned to even point out the hundreds of reasons why it is a really bad idea.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

May be produce wilol be kept cheaper for a longer period if it doesn't attract GST.

8 January 2012

This is to target low income Pacific/ Maori/Kiwis who are eating unhealthily to have something better quality food which is fresh and nutritional. There's not enough of this intervention around.

17 August 2014

Food should be categorised from unhealthy food to very healthy food. Healthy food should not only have GST removed it should be subsidised at a level depending on its rating of healthiness. More unhealthy food gets taxed like cigarettes to pay for subsidy. win win when diabetes rates start dropping

27 October 2017

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