Paid parental leave should be extended to 26 weeks?

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Paid parental leave should be extended to 26 weeks

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Reasons To Disagree

Why should companies pay the cost of babies? Surely this is a social level policy, and should be funded by state?

14 December 2007

This would be great - if we lived in Utopia where gold grows on trees. The employers are saddled with enough expense - so is the taxpayer. If you cannot afford to have a child - don't!

17 February 2008

Wed have more babys than china

2 July 2009

No way. Nobody paid for my kids. I shouldn't pay for anybody else's.

10 October 2010


Reasons To Agree

Babies need to be breast fed for 6 months under world health organisation guidelines. 26 weeks is much better than 14 weeks. I'm not so sure about 52 weeks paid leave tho.

29 October 2007

Have the company pay for 14 and the government the rest. I know its not fair on the people who don't want babies but tough thats your choice and if we all didn't want babies then who will continue on

20 March 2008

It should be 52 weeks, but not paid by employer and not 100%. This should be taken out of our social welfare and maybe at 70-80% of your normal wage, also it should be capped. At the end of the day this would make a job available for a minimum of 12 months and would take someone else of the benefit. I would be happy with 26 weeks for now, guess you have to start somewhere and something is better than nothing. And you who said no way nobody paid for you kids, would you not like for those kids of yours to have the ability to benefit from this. You got to start somewhere. And by the way, you are already paying for someone else's kids by paying tax.

11 May 2011

Some parents would actually like to spend a decent amount of time with their kids before shoving them off to daycare or kindergarten. My mother quit her job to look after me and my 4 other siblings until we turned 5 so that when we look back on our childhood we can actually remember our parents rather than Sue the kindergarten teacher every day of our lives. And also, scientists have proven that kids develop and learn much better with their parents than ANYONE else

21 May 2017

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