I intend to vote for National in the next election?

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I intend to vote for National in the next election

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Reasons To Disagree

the last thing i want is a mojority social conservative government. not while i still have breath in my lungs. and their getting rid of the government contract with GP's is absurd. bunch of idiots wearing ties.

26 September 2007

The Nats caused a lot of harm the last time they were running things, I don't see anything that makes me believe they have changed.

18 December 2007

People have called Labour to take the actions they have... with great results.

6 March 2008

National is going to be the biggest party in Parliament after the election. there isn't much doubt about that now. The worst thing that could happen is for them to get over 50%. Talk about the dangers of unbridled power ! So I'm going of a party that can provide some restraint.

21 June 2008

I intend to vote ACT. The National party on their own have little to offer in the form of policy and direction.

12 October 2008

I rather doubt it - Key doesn't impress me that much. I'm still waiting for a man (or woman) of principle.

26 October 2008


Reasons To Agree

I will definitely be voting for the nats. Its time for the Labourites to go out and in with the new

2 October 2007

Labour is currently running New Zealand straight into the ground. But in saying that, it used to be a mediocre government: but then Ms Helen (Maori) Clark came along, things chaneged; BIG TIME!

25 January 2008

A necessary evil to get rid of the incumbent

17 February 2008

Labour need to go, as simple as that. Sick of such a socialist govt, who like to put red tape over everything.

4 March 2008

I am going to use the party vote to express my ideological views, and then my electorate vote to put someone in power who is not already on a list seat (from any party). That way, I double my representation with an extra "overhang" seat, that way, I hope for a better set of representitives.

9 June 2008

Have you noticed that the people who vote "disagree" here can't spell?

1 November 2008

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