I intend to vote for Labour in the next election?

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I intend to vote for Labour in the next election

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Reasons To Disagree

Why would anyone cosider this, this is the most corrupt goverment I've ever known in New Zealand!

27 September 2007

Hell no!

2 October 2007

Never in a million years - I am sane!

28 October 2007

Not a chance. They are anti-wealth, anti-individualism, anti-free speech and anti-reason. Utterly corrupt.

10 December 2007

Clark stole $800,000 of TAXPAYERS' money to buy votes with her promise cards, changes the law to make it legal, THEN she points the finger at National and says they're buying elections with what? That's right PRIVATE money. Oh the twisted hypocrisy!

10 December 2007

Clark stole $800,000 changed law and got nothing. Brent Todd got a years home detention!

11 December 2007

If helen clark can lie about her true gender what else can she lie about.... oh an no tax cuts for 9 years. thanks

31 January 2008

We've had 8 years of Hard Labour - isn't that sentence long enough ?

17 February 2008

When the best excuse to vote for Labour is simply because they are a member of the Labour Party then you know they are going down lol

13 May 2008

Poor Labour. I feel for them. They had really good promises last century, when they cam into power, but they just never seemed to deliver. And we waited, and we waited, and nothing really changed. That is until you travel. And then you see change. New York is amazing. Malaysia is booming, and Hong Kong has come leaps and bounds. Incredible. Even bangkok is now more modern than auckland, and people go there to have top of the line surgery done; while only the pacific islaners come here. So things have changed. And it's time for us to change too.

9 June 2008

Labour's gone. The best left wing voters can do is to vote for a party that can provide a restraint on National - but will also be able to work with them constructively. There aren't very many options though.

10 July 2008

I am a former Labour voter. The present Labour government cannot be trusted -- out they go.

12 October 2008


Reasons To Agree

I'm a member of the Labour Party, so I'll definitely be voting for Labour.

16 October 2007

They're moving too far to the right. But if I vote for someone else it's almost a vote for National because I'm taking a vote away from Labour. If you're generally left-wing, consider this when you cast your vote.

6 November 2007

Labour have made so much progress that was never made under National... and Helen always has some thing to say to the media- unlike National reps of the past who had a knack of saying lots of nothing.

6 March 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Im deciding between labour and greens. voting for labour is eseentially voting for the lesser of two evils. i would never vote for national.

26 September 2007


1 June 2008

My View

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