Housing shortages is a short term problem that can be minimised by slowing imigration?

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Housing shortages is a short term problem that can be minimised by slowing imigration

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Reasons To Disagree

housing is a problem that is minimised by more housing, or more income to live somewhere better!

19 December 2007

We should encourage immigrants to build their own houses as we have done for the last 50 or so years. Anyone who builds a new property adds to the housing pool. check to See how many immigrant families have built more than one house since their arrival in nz.

15 April 2010

no they would build less housing

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

It was only a year ago it seems since we were told of a glut in the demand for inner city apartments. Is there actually a shortage of housing in this country? or has the home improvements of ponsonby villas just priced the first time buyers out of this sector? If there really is a shortage of housing, putting the reins on immigration just for a year could help correct the problem. If there really is a housing shortage, then this short term adjustment to imigration won't impede the economy, and will ensure that house building costs remain stable rather than cyclycle.

26 April 2007

This is partially true and would certainly help - but the full solution would also entail curtailing foreign purchases of land and refusing to allow existing foreign owned land to be onsold to anyone without NZ citizenship.

12 June 2007

Net immigration is the prime driver to housing valuation. A 1% increase in net migration causes a 10% increase in housing valuation. Immigrants are coming in faster than new houses are being made. Our currency is weaker than that of many immigrants coming in creating an unfair advantage. Why we are hiring over 25000 foreigners per annum while we have a highly skilled and experienced kiwi talent pool to choose from is beyond me. If this makes sense check out www.palparty.org

21 March 2011

I see alot of vacant homes in Canterbury just not being used because they are owned by people overseas, or rich people just buying their neighbours for gazing lands or to remove a nuisance. I think there needs to be stricter policies for buying homes. Every one in newzealand has the right to live, and owning their own home is part of that.

8 November 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Rubbish question - there are a multitude of reasons for the housing shortage - mostly due to gummint!.

17 February 2008

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