We should provide government equity schemes for first home buyers?

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We should provide government equity schemes for first home buyers

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Reasons To Disagree

This require much more hands on by government to determine how safe an investment it is? eg what happens if a crook sells his brother a house at a high price, then a year later the brother sells it back at a lower price, does this mean the government will be out of pocket. Or if micro managed, will the cost of management outweight the benefits of a more simpler fixed price subsidy from stamp duties?

26 April 2007

If we want to control the housing price market we should stop making property available for sale to people who do not hold NZ citizenship - businesses included. Other countries do this - notably Hawaii. Outsiders can rent and lease land, and can build on it - but they cannot own it. Many of the pricing increases of recent years have been largely or in some cases wholly driven by overseas buying - people who pay above market rates for property and therefore increase artificially the selling price of both the land they have bought - and wish to sell for profit later - and of nearby similar property as people wish to reap similar rewards.

12 June 2007

that will just enable people to pay more, and the problem will perpetuate with state funded inflation.

16 December 2007

Yeah right! In utopia where money grows on trees. WHERE's THE MONEY COMING FROM?

17 February 2008


Reasons To Agree

While I would like to see the details of how this will work before totaly commiting to this idea I do think it is one of the better ideas put foward at this stage.

5 May 2007

This was the social function of Housing New Zealand before it was "privatised" to the Crown. It helped my parents buy there first home and many others of that generation. If we had our own sovereign currency the creation of money for this would not bear a fiscal disadvantage given that it is based on a tangible asset. I believe all of these privatised functions need to uphold the social responsibility that came with that function. More info at www.palparty.org

21 March 2011

I see alot of comments about New zealands stagnant population. so immigration is needed. but how are we expected to breed when we cant afford homes. and when we can afford homes we have no time to raise a family. There should be ways for new zealanders to fully own their own home by the time they are 40

8 November 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

If it could be done in a fiscally neutral way. Government would need to create the money with a bit of "social credit" sleight of hand. I'm on shaky ground here.

10 October 2010

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