Students should pay a greater proportion of their education costs because it benefits them personally?

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Students should pay a greater proportion of their education costs because it benefits them personally

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Reasons To Disagree

A more educated workforce will benefit society altogether, so it is not just in the student's best interests that they do study.

1 September 2005

"perhaps they should go out and get real jobs and go thru the uni of life instead" i assume that 'they' refers to the poor. expensive education creates further inequality within our society. education should be for everone, not just the rich

2 January 2006

Education is a public good.

10 February 2007

i don't think that students should pay for anything because they gonna have to start paying of thier student loan when they leave school and if they have to pay for a greater porportion then they will be left wiht a big dept hole in their heart

27 March 2007

a large part of education is in the public's good - like store of knowledge, informed people, and clusters of "social conscience". we just need more choice.

19 December 2007

we already pay 5000 and up per year. Thats what people on the dole get paid to do nothing. If you want to curb costs then why not look towards the people who arent contributing at all?

30 June 2010

No fees, i do think books and materials should be paid by student though.

11 May 2011

No way!! when we finish studying, we start paying tax and our loan off!

16 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

"A more educated workforce will benefit society altogether..." is a pretty wide sweeping statement. Of course they should pay for their education. If I want to start a business, which will benefit society (through paying tax) and me, I have to pay the costs. If National were the Government the student would be able to claim the interest on their loan as a business expense - what is wrong with that. Perhaps we have too many people going to University. Perhaps they should get out there and get real jobs and go through the University of Life instead.

28 September 2005

I went to uni and i would pay more for it. Now that im on the other side and have a HUGE portion of my wages sucked away in tax i think that i would like to have paid more for it and then kept more of my wages later on. I think that it would cut a lot of time wasting no hopers who make a career out of bumming around campus!

9 April 2007

If they have to pay for it they will, perhaps, actually study harder and opt for a useful qual - not some useless subject which no employer will ever want to pay for,

20 January 2008

Students should pay for the education they need/want. If the student works or pays any other taxes, they should be substantially reduced for the very fact they're paying for their own education.

7 June 2008

According to EVERY independent study ever done of education the public benefit of anything more than basic numeracy and literacy is ZERO! There will always be an incentive for people to get a decent education so that can get the jobs they want and all the benefits of such are captured privately by the person the business the schooling system and teachers etc. If you disagree then explain why so many graduates aren't getting jobs? Answer is we are subsidizing production of education and reaping the oversupply.

27 August 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Yes, there is a matter of personal responsibility, but yes, education should be heavily subsidised.

8 June 2009

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