Living allowances of under 25yr students should be targeted to their parents income?

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Living allowances of under 25yr students should be targeted to their parents income

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Reasons To Disagree

What does it have to do with the parents income. If the student turns 18 they are considered an adult. Let them be an adult - don't give them a living allowance - if they want to really really go to University let them "work" their way through it like it happened before all of these allowances. They might then make sure they choose their subjects well and ensure they pass. It will also give them some experience in life.

28 September 2005

A little personal responsibility please, it wouldnt harm kids to do a few years work before going to varsity. This way they can raise their own funds and learn some work ethics while they are at it. They will also approach varsity with a more mature outlook

25 March 2006

It is the student attending university, not their parents

26 March 2006

The only legitimate "targetting" is towards ability and potential, proved in examination and demonstrated industry.

20 July 2006

As much as some parents love to be able to spend their money on their children, it isn't as easy as the government seems to think it is. This policy is rediculous.

15 April 2007

It shouldn't come down to what parents earn!! As they are adults treat them as such!

6 March 2008

there parents are making money Not them

1 May 2008

I am a student who supports myself. My parents dont financially contribute to my life or studies, so their income should be irrelevant. Allowances are a good thing, as it is hard to maintain excellent grades and work to earn enough to live. I just wich it was easier to get one.

1 June 2008

Im a student of 18 I dont live at home so if my living allowence got paid to my parents how could I afford to live? Half of my friends go off to uni in other citys and theres no way they could to study without their living allowence

21 August 2008

If you are classed as an adult at 18 then your parents should not have to underwrite your education until you are 25.

4 November 2008

Why should one's parents pay for the cost of living for their child at age 18-25? Student allowances should be universal, just as Helen Clark believed.

8 June 2009

No way, its hard enough that we have moved out then we judged by our parents income to get a living allowance, No way!!

16 August 2012

Wealthy parents don't give out hand out to there children.

31 March 2013


Reasons To Agree

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Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think it should come down to whether the parent is willing to support you. I personally had parents who had their own business and i qualified for student loan which was good as they couldnt afford to give me a cent but i also think that if parents are willing to give you a roof over your head then they should be tested for income levels. Its only the people who miss out that think their parents incomes shouldnt matter.

9 April 2007

This is a complex matter that doesn't have a black and white answer.

10 October 2010

On a whole no I mean there's exceptions if you still live with your parents & there well off but otherwise no most people go flatting & there parents don't help !

27 March 2016

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