Palestine should be declared an independent state, and the UN should protect the borders between Israel and Palestine?

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Palestine should be declared an independent state, and the UN should protect the borders between Israel and Palestine

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Reasons To Disagree

Palestine is not ready to be a state, it needs significant development in terms of internal security and Government structure. New Zealand took over 100 years to be a self-governing Dominion. When Palestine is ready, then an independant state can be created.

29 October 2005

It would be good if Palestine could be an independent state but ONLY IF THEY'LL ACCEPT ISRAEL RIGHT TO LIFE! The UN couldn't defend a cookie jar in a nursery.

21 July 2006

When Palestine was partitioned Israel made up 13% of the total area - the Arabs had the other 87% & named it Jordan.

12 October 2007

I don't think Israel should ever be a two state nation.Israel's connection with Jerusalem go much further back in history than the Palestinians.I think Israel should have sole rights to Jerusalem and we should support them in protecting themselves from terrorist assaults against their people.I think it would benefit us as a nation to come alongside them.

23 July 2013

Palestine when it was divided was divide into Israel(Jews) on the West side of Jordan and the Arabs on the East Side of Jordan by the League of Nations at the time. So the Jews have already conceded plenty. The Area was a British Mandate.

14 October 2013

We should all remember that the Jewish people have over 2000 years more history in the region than the Palestinians. I'm not saying that Palestinians should be oppressed, but after nearly 2000 years of exile, oppression and persecution I think that the Jewish people have earned their right to control Israel.

12 November 2016


Reasons To Agree

Although I have clicked "agree", I don't think the two-state solution would work. And it definitely wouldn't work if the Palestinian state allowed all the Palestinian refugees (i.e. those in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon) to return to it. Sooner or later, Israel would look for a casus belli - some small incident, like the recent one on the border with Lebanon - and go in and smash the whole place up. UN "protection" would not be able to prevent this, especially if the US gave Israel a wink and a nod. No, the only solution is to reunify the country (i.e. the entire area embraced by British mandate Palestine) and give equal rights to all. The result of that move would, of course, be the end of the Jewish majority and thus the end of Israel as we know it today. But there is no alternative if you really want peace. The recent "peace process", of which we now hear no more, was a sham. Israel never had any intention of allowing it to succeed. But as usual, it had to show, or try to show, that the Palestinians were responsible for its failure. That's the subtle game that Israel always plays.

11 August 2006

Lets assume Israel wanted peace though. Perhaps it could have accepted the myriad of UN resolutions and decided to provide some acceptable propositions at Camp David and Taba. The real terrorists in the Middle East are Israel and the United States, who carry out and support brutal torture and illegal occupation.

1 September 2007

However the boundaries of Israel must be re-written

22 March 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

yes but who gets jerusalm. and what of the arab belief that israel should be wiped off the planet?

19 September 2005

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