Schools should teach all religions to all pupils?

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Schools should teach all religions to all pupils

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Reasons To Disagree

keep religion out of schools, it will only be corrupted by the person teaching it, its up to parents to provide this category of teaching.

19 September 2005

no religion should be pushed apon kids look let them make there own minds up

19 February 2006

There is only One True Faith, the Roman Catholic Faith, instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

24 January 2007

An awareness maybe taught perhaps

4 May 2007

Rubbish! They'd have no time to gain any true and useful knowledge.

30 September 2007

no u have people that dont believe in religion at all

7 May 2008

no, it should be an option at public schools at secondary level

31 October 2010

Religion is dangerous

7 March 2011

religion has no place in a school - especially a non religious school

18 July 2011

Exception... In an optional religious history and mythology class.

2 December 2012

Religious Instruction should not be in our state schools. We already learn ABOUT different religions as part of Social Studies and History.

28 February 2013


Reasons To Agree

Not until secondary school. Then it quite clearly fits into social studies and then all NZers will know about more than just one religion

10 December 2005

All significant religions as well as other systems of belief (including atheism, etc)should be taught in schools, without bias or proselytising. Young people need the opportunity both to consider the options for themselves, and to gain insight into the beliefs that others hold that are different from those they have been exposed to in their home and social environment.

5 March 2006

It should be there for the taking, either half an hour at the start of school on a certain day or half an hour at the end then it will become parents choose to send their kids to school on that day for that half an hour

1 November 2006

You can't teach kids ALL religions, but an introductory course on each MAJOR religion and what the beliefs entail, how it benefits and negatively impacts society and how it affects peoples' personal lives might curb some ignorance.

22 June 2007

I agree with the first person, primary kids are really too young, but secondary state schools should be given the choice AS LONG AS they don't show any particular bias to one religion. I also agree with what the last person said, giving them a taste of each major religion would be beneficial. We do it for cltures, why not for religions?

20 July 2008

But an emphasis put on the fact that these are more like multiple accounts of the same story, they should be told that there is controversy and it is up to them to weigh the facts - not brainwashed to actually believe this a true story like we were at school.

12 June 2009

From a historical point of view, its a massive part of different cultures and has defined tha path history has taken

23 June 2009

And atheism, and agnosticism.

10 October 2010

If they choose to teach religion then yes all should be taught. However, should religion even be taught in school? (public)

29 June 2011

Only as a warning to show how stupid a large percent of the human population is.

11 August 2011

Perhaps an introduction to the theologies behind the major religions around would be useful. This could help explain various cultural differences between buddhists/hindus/jews/muslims for example as well as exploring the similarities (that fundamentally all religions encourage people to adopt a positive moral outlook).

12 August 2011

the basics

14 October 2013

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