Schools should teach the predominant religion in schools?

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Schools should teach the predominant religion in schools

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Reasons To Disagree

Define "predominant".

20 April 2006

we have specialist schools for this form of education

24 April 2006

No. I'm a christian but I don't believe in forcing other people to belief in something they don't want to. Leave it up to schools (such as Catholic...) and individuals.

5 May 2007

The government/public schools have no right to force the opinion of the majority, especially onto children.

23 September 2007

If you want your kids to be taught religion at school you are foolish - but you have a right to pay fees for the religious school of your choice.

30 September 2007

it is the parents responsibility to teach their children relidgion

30 August 2008

No way. They should only teach comparitive religion as a part of philosophical studies.

10 October 2010

Dont teach any religion.

11 August 2011

religion is brainwashing teaching it is evil

27 August 2012

This is a rediculous notion.

2 December 2012

There are so many more useful things our children can be doing with their time.

28 February 2013


Reasons To Agree

(As long as it is Protestant). Religion is important for understanding history. It is a tradition and has had lasting impacts on many areas that make up our way of life as a country. It also offers an alternative way of living and seeing the world. Parents can always opt their child out of a class by writing a letter, and once opted out, they should be looked after by the school e.g. sit in another class, etc.

23 June 2006

Soly to teach values from predominant religions at an early age. Qualified theologians are not necessary as some preachers believe for they are just not there. They might be prejudiced too?

5 October 2008

if students do not know about other religions what would happen if another student comes along with a very obvious different beliefs?

17 August 2011

as long as those who dont want can opt out and get taught something else during the time - prehaps manners etc.,

14 October 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

If the religon of the nation is known then that should be sufficient because the government aligns with that and the people are in agreement

4 May 2007

Private and intergrated schools were set up for that purpose, if you want your kids to be taught religion at school, you either send your kids to a school that teaches it or have them learn it via correspondence. State schools shouldn't teach religious education with any particular bias to one religion, as there wold be pupils from quite a few different religions there.

20 July 2008

School is for schooling, church is for Jesus and the mosque is for Mohammed

23 June 2009

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