Any regulation of companies is bad for consumers?

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Any regulation of companies is bad for consumers

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Reasons To Disagree

Even though government regulation might increase compliance costs a little, the benefit for either the consumer through safer products, or for the employee through better working conditions is greater.

27 July 2005

look at what you get from china in the $2 shops ... do we want that kind of product flooding our market

15 February 2006

The primary business objective is to make a profit. Business and the open market are not concerned with the well being of people. Government regulation must provide a balance. It is evident that even consumers, the lifeblood of business, are at times not treated fairly by companies.

6 August 2006

We have, & need to have corporate governance guidelines so we have the best commercial leadership framework. We need laws & regulations to limit the self interest of directors in decision making (think Enron) We need Safety regulations to protect workers & customers. We need wage and employment regulations. With the right regulation business can be win win for all.

18 August 2006

Large players already 'regulate' the market. How much competition is there in the petrol market?

10 February 2007

All standards in society have come about as a result of regulation.

20 August 2008

It's lack of regulation of banks and financiers that caused the 2007 recession.

10 October 2010

Companies deal entirely in profits/loss, with little or consideration of any other factors unless it forced upon them. Case in point is the vast tracts of land in Otago which is now worthless after gold rush days. There was no incentive to put the ground back as it was dug up so the effort only went so far as to extract the gold with no thought for the future. In recent times there is the whole investment sector leaving much to be desired, putting it very mildly. Not to mention the damage being caused by the relatively new industry of Pay Day loans which is extorting the poor communities at present. Are values are more than just dollars and cents.

13 August 2014


Reasons To Agree

I believe there is a necessity for SOME regulation - but by whom? DEFINTELY NOT POLITICIANS - they know sweet FA about business - they're mostly unionist hacks or failed schoolmarms (of both sexes!) Any reg should be by a body elected by businessmen.

20 May 2006

Regulation from external sources is not only bad for the customer in terms of price, but it also shifts responsibility from the business with the substandard practices to the government/organization making the regulations - simply because they've taken on the responsibility of making everyone 'safe'. In a free market without legal intervention, profit keeps businesses in business, so in it's own self-interest, it must provide above standard products for the most attractive prices. This is clearly more beneficial for consumers.

7 June 2008

Any regulation; (beyond the normal criminal laws) distorts the market. Also to the guy who thinks lack of regulation caused the 2007 recession, read something more than socialist propaganda! It was all the government interference, the sub-prime loans, government oversight and dollars for concessions that caused the recession. Simple way to avoid that is deregulate completely - no interference means no lobbyists etc

27 August 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think that market force should drive change in companies, not regulations. Politicians know very little about running a business at the best of times. If the market demands an organic cabbage, companies will provide them because thats where the money is.

25 March 2006

There is a greatly needed public benefit for well run companies - so they must be regulated to keep them ECONOMICALLY orientated!

16 December 2007

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