New Zealand should impose trade sanctions against Israel for the July 2006 bombing of Lebanon.?

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New Zealand should impose trade sanctions against Israel for the July 2006 bombing of Lebanon.

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Reasons To Disagree

Israel has tolerated the terrorist attacks of the palestinians and muslim radicals for decades. Israel has also provided the palestinains with jobs and has even collected taxes for them and given the money to the palestinian authority. Israel has exercised great restraint in dealing with those who attack their civilians on a continuous basis. The recent attacks are a result of the actions of years of terrorism against Israel. Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah do not want peace and as long as they exist there will be no peace. The only hope for peace in the region is for either radical islamic groups to change their ideology and allow Israel existence and give them recognition or these groups must be utterly destroyed.

24 July 2006

Shouldn?t it be Lebanon that trade sanctions are taken against? They are the ones who allowed Hezbollah to attack Israel and did nothing to stop them!

4 August 2006

NZ should condemn Hisbollah et al for their stated aim of obliterating Israel and support Israeli actions made in self-defence against that threat.

18 August 2006

I mean have you actually met Lebanese people? They are the most rascist, arrogant (have no idea why), aggressive, race. They start up gangs in other countries and walk around in groups beating up people. Take Australia for example. The lebanese have dedicated sites in Australia about how mucvh they hate Australians. This alone speaks volumes about how I have come to this conclusion.

17 July 2009

Rather support a full free trade agreement and full recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Build trust and show our support for a democratically elected government trying to protect their people.

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

Helen Clark needs to be more vocal about this. The UN has already agreed that Israels violence is disproportionate. In the circumstances of this particular action, we should impose trade sanctions against israel, and we should provide aid to Lebanon

22 July 2006

Like apartheid South Africa, Israel will never change until it is put under strong pressure. It thinks it is a law unto itself. It is the ultimate rogue state.

11 August 2006

Not just for this single event but for its intransigent attitude to every attenpt at peace. At the same time, however, aid should be given directly to the people of Lebanon, not through their government or left to the local warlords to distribute, so that as well as feeding their bellies we're winning their loyalty.

14 November 2006

and the world should have applied santions on the US as well for the needless and illegal slaughter in two countries

27 April 2007

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