Israels July 2006 bombing of Lebanon is a fair response to Hezbollah taking 2 of their soldiers hostages.?

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Israels July 2006 bombing of Lebanon is a fair response to Hezbollah taking 2 of their soldiers hostages.

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Reasons To Disagree

The response is completely disproportionate. Covert operations, targeted bombing perhaps... But blowing up oil rigs, airports, bridges etc in greater lebanon can only mean that Israel wants to cripple Lebanon for their own economic benefit. Oh, and killing so many civillians is also very wrong.. The country with the superior fire power should be the country who shows the greatest restraint... but killing 5 lebanese civillians for every 1 civillian in Israel, has to be seen as Israel being the wrongdoer. State santioned violence is much more wrong than terrorists, because ever voter must be held accountable for the actions of their millitary.

22 July 2006

This war was planned by Israel long before Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Israel was playing its usual game: Building up its forces and then waiting for an excuse to invade. And let us not forget that the Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel FOLLOWED the Israeli bombing of Lebanon. We should also remember that Hezbollah didn't exist before Israel's 1982 invasion. It's a direct result of the atrocities committed by Israeli forces at that time and during the 18-year occupation. Israel is responsible for all these problems, and is now busy creating yet more enemies.

11 August 2006

Israel over-reacted, and in any event takes little care to ensure innocent civilians aren't bombed as a result. Yes, it's true Hezbollah have the same attitude to Israeli civilians- but then we call *them* terrorists.

14 November 2006

Israel acts with an arrogance, blindness and lack of compassion (the ability to feel the suffering of anyone other than yourself) that is staggering and hypocritical. How much the birth of a brave state for an abused and courageous people has turned into a dark monster. It is a tragedy.

16 March 2007


Reasons To Agree

Lebanon is responsible for allowing Hezbollah to operate in its southern territory. All of the rockets currently hitting Israel are originating from Lebaneze territory. The Lebaneze government and the Lebaneze army should fight and remove Hezbollah from its land. That is why Israel is attacking them. Any nation including New Zealand would take similiar actions to defend itself. Can you imagine if rockets were slamming into Wellington or Auckland? What would the response of New Zealand be? What should it be? Israel is defending itself and I believe or at least I hope New Zealand would defend itself if it was attacked in a similiar fashion.

24 July 2006

The Lebanon has had ample opportunity to clear Hisbollah terrorists out but has failed to do so. It allows them to use their country as a base for attacking Israel. Israel is entitled to take whatever action neccessary in self protection.

18 August 2006

Israel has to commit itself to powerful non pc respons to attacks against it if it is to survive.Too often outside influence leaves a nation overthrown and in complete disseray. I cant think of one country that has succumbed to sanctions by the world and handed itself over to an oposing force without a fight, that is a better place to live in than before.

28 October 2007

A thug shoots at anyones home what does any Police (Security Forces) do deal with them. We use Armed Defenders in this country.

14 October 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This question is poorly worded, Israel response was to being attacked by Hezbollah as well as the capture of its soldiers. While I believe Israel?s response to be very heavy handed what did Lebanon think Israel would do? Hezbollah must take a lot of the responsibility for the civilian casualties due to the fact that it hides much of it?s weaponry in civilian areas. Several questions in this whole sordid affair still remain unanswered, like why did Hezbollah attack Israel? Why didn?t the Lebanese Government stop Hezbollah? (I can only assume that they support Hezbollah) and why has Israel hit Lebanon so hard?

4 August 2006

It is impossible to make an informed decision on this on the basis of the information as presented by the MSM. Unless people are prepared to actually do some of their own digging into the issue they should not be prepared to assign blame in the situation.

12 September 2006

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