The new NZ passports will help prevent terrorism?

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The new NZ passports will help prevent terrorism

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Reasons To Disagree

It doesn't really matter how much information you store on a passport or computer chip, this won't stop people creating false documents. All technology can be cracked. The only good way to trust an identity is to check the details against a secure and trusted database, and compare the photo returned from that. A really smart system would just run off a single ID number, where only trusted govts can check "selected" information of other trusted goverment databases across "trusted" networks. Trusting a piece of paper or microchip is foolish.. AND EXPENSIVE!!!

14 November 2005

No it won't. Only a global database of photographs, iris scans and fingerprints could come close to accomplishing this. Don't forget that in many cirumstances "terrorists" use their own legitimate documents and have no prior record of criminal activity or evil "terrorist" sympathies.

10 December 2005

The new passports cannot prevent terrorism (nothing can) but are put in place anyway to make the American public feel more secure. (when they are not) They also have serious privacy issues.

20 April 2006

Its easy to get into NZ without passports, we don't export very many terrorists and we are hardly a target. so how will it make any difference. Home grown terror is a bigger problem as we become more racially divided and racial intolerance grows more and more obvious every day. Kiwi's dont need passports to travel NZ and kill people or Kidnap others. Our our terrorists and activists are the real threat and we are makeing a heap of these in every school I visit.

19 June 2006

Yeah, right! In the same way that dog-licenses stop dogs biting, gun licenses stop crim's conducting armed hold-ups and marriage licenses stop folk sleeping aoround!

20 September 2006

passports will not stop home grown terrorism which in the globalised world is more amd more a reality.

28 October 2007

A minor increase in security measures will be met by an increase in circumvention - they won't improve things. The change is not significant enough to be other than a minor irritation.

7 February 2008


5 July 2008

All they will do is ensure that it is easier to track your every move. Big Brother will be watching you

28 October 2008

On a global scale what NZ does or does not do is pretty much insignificant. The likely hood of terrorism coming into NZ could be possible with our SAS military involvement in the unjust war in Afghanistan. Therefore, to safeguard against this rather than placing our emphasis on our new passport it is far simpler to just get our troops out of Afghanistan.

7 May 2010


Reasons To Agree

Since the question is whether they will HELP prevent terrorism, the answer must be in the affirmative - anything that is harder to forge is a step in the right direction. But as those opposed have pointed out, anything can be cracked.

14 December 2005

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I'm not very up with the new passports but don't agree with the other comment on his page, data bases can be cracked, any thing that can help reduce the risk must be a plus but there is still no guarantee it will work. NZ has a large coast any one could slip into NZ with out going through a major port or airport!

17 November 2005

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