Our laws are too liberal, we need stronger social laws to strengthen the family unit.?

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Our laws are too liberal, we need stronger social laws to strengthen the family unit.

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Reasons To Disagree

Religious groups often state this, and use terminology like "the goverment is socially conditioning us". In reality, the laws are liberalised because there is strong public support for the changes. It is the job of private people, churches and families to encourage morality and strong family units through education and positive role models. However, the only role a government should have, is to make activities illegal if those activites harm other people. Morality should be kept out of politics if it involves consenting adults. To mandate 1 religions minority opinion over the majority would be social conditioning. Laws should be liberalised if that is the will of the majority.

14 November 2005

What happened to the fundamental precept of law that it should exist only to prevent a person from harming others? We're already choked by Nanny State, and neither major party shows any inclination to get their noses out of our lives. No more please!!

14 December 2005

It would be a radical idea if the law was adhered to and actually meant something

15 March 2006

Meaningless drivel

26 March 2006

Propositions being sold as "protecting/strengthening the family" are almost always code for bigotry and irrational, impractical, harmful moralising.

20 April 2006

I don't think stronger laws would help much but I do think we have taken a few steps backwards in the last few years

22 April 2006

You should not and cannot legislate questions of morality and ethics. The evidence - encouraging people to breed has had disastrous results.

21 July 2006

There are already far too many laws regulating life in NZ!

10 December 2007

we need stronger family units, not more laws. our laws (esp welfare ones) already encourage broken homes. take away the damage before you start to rebuild.

18 January 2008

New Zealands social laws are currently not liberal in any way!! they are like a demolition site about to be built on, and the current social 'laws' trying to be put accross are just trying to 'build' over all of the mess!!! We need to CLEAN UP our laws FIRST before we try to make more, because if we rush, there are going to be many contradictions.

25 January 2008

Its not up to laws to strengthen the family unit

1 July 2009


Reasons To Agree

Our new age of tolerance and understanding has diminshed the values placed on families. Fathers are now forced to suffer inequality from bad law practices, children born outside formal relationships are common and encouraged, welfare dependency and its associated issues with poverty are on the rise, crime is climbing. All these factors and more clearly show that the social policies we have adopted over the last 20 years have failed

30 March 2006

We need laws that give families the same benefits as others, Tax law, Child Law, Education law all favour single or Same sex couplse over natural families. In reality Its about taking the extra burdens placed upon the traditional family off their backs so they can get on with the job of raising good healthy kids.

19 June 2006

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This statement is meaningless! What does "liberal" mean? Aren't most liberal laws aimed at strengthening the family - e.g. paid parental leave? And laws like the Civil Union Bill aim at strengthening family units as well - two people committing themselves to love and care for each other. If that's not what a family is for then what is?

30 January 2006

Specifics please?

10 October 2010

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