Street prostitution should be illegal for the prostitute.?

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Street prostitution should be illegal for the prostitute.

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Reasons To Disagree

Making prostitution a crime has NEVER worked. The Prostitution Reform Act was passed as a recognition of this. The safety of the prostitute is paramount - driving the business underground creates an unsafe environment.

13 December 2005

It's time NZ shed it's prudish 1950s mentality. Act to make the streets safe instead - for anyone and everyone. I'd rather be accosted by a prostitute than a mugger - at least I have the option of a polite "no thanks"!

14 December 2005

Illegal for the prositute should only occur when it is illegal for teh customer - and enforced against teh customer as strongly. Until then....

26 March 2006

Soliciting - Is just personal Spam, I should not have to say no, if I walk down the street --- leave me and my kids alone .. Prostitution has never been illeagal, Just Soliciting and Being a Pimp.

19 June 2006

As long as they are not causing an obstruction - leave 'em to it.

21 July 2006

Prostitution is disgusting!

31 March 2013

Leave em! They gotta do something. They have to live in even porer conditions once their income is taken away from them'

14 August 2014


Reasons To Agree

I think it should be an OSH issue. Prostitutes have the right to a safe working environment and any law changes to restrict street walking should be made with this in mind.

10 December 2005

It is also import to punish the guys who go looking for prostitutes on the street - No demand, no supply.

22 April 2006

It should be very strongly discouraged, but there are probably better ways than illegality

22 May 2006

Make it illegal for everyone connected with prostitution in any form.

21 June 2006

I think it should be illegal for the customer & the prostitute. Our Children shouldn't have to see this trash! It should be kept inside a bed room or some where else. NOT in public! As for prostitutes in general, there are FAR better jobs out there for you! All you have to do is try your hardest and never give up, until you DO succeed at finding a job. It may be hard, but things do get better in time.

16 July 2008

Street prostitution is dangerous and no place (or time) for girls to be working. At least with prostitution legalised, we can keep them safetly indoors with the protection of a work place and workplace rules.

1 July 2009

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think the customer should be the one who gets in trouble.. not the prostitute.. The prostitute probably has debt issues or drug addiction, and a fine isn't going to help that situation.

14 November 2005

there are more important issues affecting this matter than people wanting money for sex.

18 January 2008

I think brothels should be legal, but purely for the safety of the sex worker street prostitution should maybe be made illegal, i don't know

15 September 2008

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