Trade unions should be allowed to provide workers with a greater voice in the running of companies.?

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Trade unions should be allowed to provide workers with a greater voice in the running of companies.

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I am against this idea mainly because of the incentive effects it would have. Such a notion would in effect mean that trade unions would have (at least some) control rights over the firm without income rights. The splitting of theses rights is inefficient. These rights are bundled to together in the case of shareholders since such bundling is gives the right incentives for profit maximization. Shareholders have both the incentive and the ability to ensure profit maximization. Without income rights in addition to the control rights trade unions would not have such incentives.

21 September 2005

Quite frankly Trade Unions have too much say as it is. They run side by side with our current Government and cause problems. They take employees funds and give them very little say in how they - the union - spend those funds. If a trade Union wants a greater voice in running a Company let them start a Company and take the responsibility of operating that Company. They have no right to interfere with somebody else's company without taking any responsibility.

28 September 2005

Trade unions had a place in the 1800's, now they cause far more trouble than they solve. It is time for the abolishment of unions and their leeching ways.

25 March 2006

Yeah right! Then we'd all go broke! There's more than enough trade union hacks in gummint to make all the noise needed. Look at the way meatworkers are abusing their sick pay priviliges - organising rostas for who's off next!

20 May 2006

It is the job of management to manage the company, and the job of the union to represent their members to that management.

22 May 2006

Trade unions are just a comunist counterbalance to the socialisms employed by middle managers. If we abolish unions, managers must go too!

16 December 2007

Unless the trade union has shares in the company, why should they be allowed a say? If unionised workers are unhappy with their employers, they shouldn't be in that employ. Striking union workers should be fired on the spot (by voluntary choice of the employer).

7 June 2008

Union is there to help the lazy...Hard workers do not need the help of Unions!

1 July 2008

You want a say? Buy shares.

10 October 2010

Trade unions are cartels, the same people who dislike suppliers banding together because they think they are exerting unfair power are the ones supporting trade unions and the only reason they differ in this opinion is that they are part of the unions.

27 August 2012


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15 February 2006

Power to the people!

10 February 2007

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